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Black Sabbath CORNUCOPIA Lyrics

Last updated: 08/31/2012 08:24:28 PM

Too much in the truth they say
Keep it 'till another day
Let them have their little game
illusion helps to keep them sane

Let them have their little toys
matchbox cars and mortagage joys
exciting in their plastic place
frozen food in a concrete maze

You're gonna go insane
I'm trying to save your brain

I don't know what's happening
My head's all torn inside
People say I'm heavy
They don't know what I hide

Take a life, it's going cheap
kill someone, no one will weep
Freedom's yours, just pay your dues
We just want your soul to use

You're gonna go insane
I'm trying to save your brain

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Great song | Reviewer: Billdo | 8/31/12

To me this song is about the lie/illusion of modern society and how it will drive you insane if you buy into it. Still as valid today, probably even more so than it was when it was written.