CKY (Camp Kill Yourself) Albums

  • Carver City Album
    Hellions On Parade
    ...And She Never Returned
    Rats In The Infirmary
    Imaginary Threats
    The Boardwalk Body
    Plagued By Images
    Woe Is Me
    A#1 Roller Rager
    Old Carver'S Bones
    The Era Of An End
    Doubled Up On Trauma
    Stripped Your Speech

  • An Answer Can Be Found Album (6/25/2005)
    Suddenly Tragic
    The Way You Lived
    Dressed In Decay
    Familiar Realm
    All Power to Slaves
    Tripled Manic State
    Behind the Screams
    Deceit Is Striking Gold
    As the Tables Turn
    Don't Hold Your Breath

  • Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild Album (9/24/2002)
    Attached At The Hip
    Close Yet Far
    Escape From Hellview
    Flesh Into Gear
    Frenetic Amnesic
    Inhuman Creation Station
    Plastic Plan
    Shock And Terror
    Sink Into The Underground
    Sporadic Movement

  • Volume 1 Album (6/26/2001)
    96 Quite Bitter Beings
    Rio Bravo
    Disengage The Simulator
    The Human Drive In Hi-Fi
    Lost In A Contraption
    Knee Deep
    My Promiscuous Daughter
    Sara's Mask
    To All Of You
    Rio Bravo Reprise
    Halfway House

  • Volume 2 Album (4/1/2001)

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