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CALLmeKAT Biography

Last updated: 09/30/2012 09:17:54 AM

Known for his alternative pop Call Mekat is the internationally acclaimed moniker of Scandinavian music composer and singer Katrine Ottosen

She grew up in a forest in the Danish countryside where she would always find himself secretly drawn to an old beat up piano now in later life his ongoing love for vintage and analog keyboard shines through her music exudes an earthy feel and a rare talent for the symbiotic relationship between electrical and organic element

Call Mekat sonic aesthetic simultaneously intimate burning and clear his own shows a melting pot of Sparky fantasy - marked in a voice that puts her from the masses

Even before an official international release, she has been playing solo shows around the world that carriedra in many ceiling shows in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, USA France and many other places she has also played support for artists such as: Au Revoir Simone DO Okkervil River Sebastien Tellier, as well as festival presenting at SXSW Popkomm Eurosonic NXNE CMJ MAMA SPOT and the North Klang just to name a few

Back in the 2008 Call Mekat both released critically acclaimed "I'm in a Polaroid Where are you?" (EP) and "Fall Down" by her own Pixie Booth Brand

Her solo debut mixed Valgeir SigurĂ°sson was released in June 2008 Later in the autumn of 2008, its Scandinavian debut "Fall Down" was released in

Now Call Mekat is launching a new chapter in her music: These days, she is completing the anticipated second album, working with drummer and producer Joe Magistro (forkunnarnaet Omega) and the remarkable bassist Sara Lee (Gang Of Four B-52's) with guest appearances by friends from the road, Erika Spring (Au Revoir Simone) and Helgi Jonsson (Sigur Ros)

The disc is recorded in the beautiful Catskill Mountains in the state New York and is scheduled for release in most of Europe, spring 2012

Katrine Ottosen has also contributed a cover of "Love Cats" appears on the Cure tribute album "Perfect as Cats' coming out in autumn 2008 in the Member States on Manimal Records