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Its dieing | Reviewer: Sami
    ------ About the song Forgive Me performed by C Note

This is the girl i loved since she was 12 n nw she is 18, infact i was jst on a supper one day with my friends wen she rang me n she proposed tho i was planing the sem n she said "wat i feel 4 u i cant tel" n i asked her, what? She said "I LOVE YOU". She was 12 then bt today Jan-5-2010 she asked me "Sami can we back 5 years ago, av lost the passion!" this is after we have been going up n down 4 one year. It med me remember the song. Am depressed: can anyone help pliz?!

forgive me | Reviewer: ashy
    ------ About the song Forgive Me performed by C Note

i was asian and he was black
i truly loved him but i was just kynda scared
of how people are gna judge us eventou i knew we loved each other so much but oh well everyone was talking about us and things got worse and i droped out of my high school and he was locked up. but yeah he il be out soon
but im working at the strip bar now i cant go back but i know that.. man dnt knw what to say
i left him cuz i was too embarrased by him but this was fuked up wish i could go back but its too late.. all i want is.. just to let him know that i loved him and it il never be replaced....

favorite song eva | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Forgive Me performed by C Note

man i was with my ex for three yrs n then one day we both wanted a change but we stayed together anyways but then i heard this song n it was like we were togther but there was nothing left to hold on to so we finally ended it but everytime i here this song i think about us

forgive me. | Reviewer: miss.c
    ------ About the song Forgive Me performed by C Note

e-mail me if you have any advice:
i met this guy thru my friend. we never met personally, but we talked and chatted for a while. we liked each other, and got together. however, when i saw him he wasnt what i expected,and i broke up with him. but listen, i did warned him that i might end up hurting him but he wanted to take the chance so i gave him a chance.

now, is it wrong for me to brake up with him?? because i didnt want to lie to myself. i dont wanna say i wanna be with him, when really i dont. i dont wanna lie to him.

i dont know what to do because now he wont leave me alone and wants answers why i broke up with him.

.. but see the thing is, i dont know how to tell him. for some reason, im having the hardest time telling him why i wanted to brake up with him.
someone help me. *sigh*

excelent new fav. song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Forgive Me performed by C Note

I was listening to the hit list on tv and forgive me came on and caught my attention. I wrote down the name and artist and as soon as I got on the computer I found the song and the lyrics. after listening to the song 5 times I memorized it. This song touched me and many people can relate to it. This song is a hit along with others from C-Note like baja panty. i rate this song on a scale of one to ten, a ten. C-Note continue with excelent work and good luck with everything to come in the future.

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