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C-Murder Trapped In Crime (Edited) Album

Last updated: 09/19/2000 09:34:39 PM

Release Date: 09/05/2000
Tracks in Trapped In Crime (Edited): Intro (Trapped In Crime), Forever TRU, Concrete Jungle, They Don't Really Know You, How A Thug Like It, Want Beef, Ride, Staring At The Walls, On Da Block, What You Bout, Battlefield, Where Do We Go, NL Iggaz, Too Much Noise, Damned If They Murder Me, Hustlin, That Calliope, Young Thugs, Otis Commercial, Interlude, They Want My Money, Thug In Yo Life, Down For My N's, Street Thugs

Trapped In Crime (Edited) Album Tracklist