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Rodney Carrington C'mon, Sing You Bastards - Burning Sensation Lyrics

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she had a gap between her two front teeth that you could drive a truck through
breath like a trash can dumpster, that would kill you
she drove a 1973, chevy blazer
and her legs & her armpits never seen a razor....
she had curlers in her hair, window rolled down
dip of snuff, spit on the ground
drunk as i was that woman looked good to me........

now i got this burnin sensation when i pee
when im standin in a public bathroom
people stop & take a look at me

i got this burnin sensation when i pee

i got this burnin sensation when i pee.. oh hay hay
i got a damn good feelin your the one who gave it to me
i got creepy crawly crabs crawlin all over me
them itchy little bastards ya' just cant get 'em to leave

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