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Nightwish Bye Bye Beautiful Lyrics

Last updated: 04/24/2013 02:07:06 PM

Finally the hills are without eyes
They are tired of painting a dead man's face
red with their own blood

They used to love having so much to lose
Blink your eyes just once and see everything in ruins

Did you ever hear what I told you?
Did you ever read what I wrote you?
Did you ever listen to what we played?
Did you ever let in what the world said?
Did we get this far just to feel your hate?
Did we play to become only pawns in the game?
How blind can you be, don't you see?
You chose the long road, but we'll be waiting

Bye bye, beautiful

Jacob`s ghost for the girl in white
Blindfold for the blind
Dead Siblings walking the dying Earth

Noose around a choking heart
Eternity torn apart
Slow toll now the funeral bells

"I need to die to feel alive"


Bye bye, beautiful

It's not the tree that forsakes the flower
But the flower that forsakes the tree
Someday I`ll learn to love these scars
Still fresh from the red-hot blade of your words

How blind can you be, don't you see?
That the gambler lost all he does not have...


Bye bye, beautiful

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SAD indeed | Reviewer: tix-tix | 4/24/13

agree she IS his muse.. His selfsteem didnt help and he wasnt able to confess his felings you can see it since since the begining from oceanborn "without you the poetry within me is death" heck even in imaginaerum slow love slow the part "and i wonder do i love you or the though of you" sadly he has realized this love just happens in his mind he cant move on... Poor guy and it didnt help the "letter thing" wich sealed and in awful way this platonic love he still has for her

Tuomas seriously if not loved, had some very strong feelings for Tarja | Reviewer: Tarja Holopainen | 4/19/13

My personal point of view is that in addition to Marcelos BAD influence on Tarja, there was also Tuomas' undying love for her. I don't care if I'm the only one who thinks this way (but I'm sure I'm not though) I think Tarja was kicked out because he just couldn't stand anymore not having her. If you listen carefully to ALL of their music, in EVERY SINGLE album there is at LEAST one song dedicated to Tarja, or that talks about how Tuomas felt towards her. I can't believe she didn't know Tuomas had some very strong feelings for her; actually I think she did know, but he was friendzoned (FRIENDZONE LEVEL NIGHTWISH hahaha)... here's my list of Tuomas songs about Tarja:

Angels Fall First

- Nymphomaniac Fantasia

- Beauty and the beast (I know he is a great fan of the disney movie, but he also said that he has always felt like "the beast" because he considers himself ugly and undeserving, he has some very strong self esteem issues, that's actually why I think he was only able to tell Tarja about his feelings through songs)


- Sleeping Sun

NOW thanks to the Oceanborn album being promoted in South America, Tarja knew Marcelo, ergo next albums songs about Tarja were a lot more depressive and more of an impossible love from Tuomas part.


- She is my sin
- Come cover me
- Two for tragedy
- Bare Grace Misery

Century Child

- Slaying the dreamer
- Ever dream
- Forever yours
- Feel for you
- Beauty of the beast


- Wish I had an Angel
- Romanticide
- Ghost love score


- Bye bye beautiful (obviously)
- For the heart I once had


- I want my tears back

If you don't believe me hear them again carefully, putting some attention to the lyrics and you'll see.

Prejudiced thoughts | Reviewer: Roman Nepal | 3/7/13

This world is built in a way that we are all destined to encompass mixed feelings and emotions. We all have the dark and bright side inside us and we all make mistakes. Our life revolves in positive and negative thoughts, and it is the unavoidable rule of nature. So, why go personal and blame a lady who gave one hell of musical splendours and went away? I too believe that by the act of nature, Tarja did things which she wasn't supposed to do. However, I'll always admire her for the finest songs she had sung for Nightwish. The person commenting 'The Facts' seems be a personal foe of Nightwish and Tarja. Go, dress yourself with ashes. Take a religious tour instead. You've grown old.

I love nightwish. no matter how many vocalists they lose | Reviewer: JackieNGomez | 2/4/13

you can not deny the beauty of their music. you cannot let the past barge in to the new stuff either. tarja IS an amazing vocalist. in fact, she is the reason why i started singing in the first place. i wanted to get just as good as she is. and i think i will never ever compete at all. annette had a good run. she is a wonderful singer and i think the fact that she is leaving the second that she showed the world what she can really do sucks major balls. i adore both of them just the same. they both contributed beauty to the band. and now, i hate to say this... but I HOPE I CAN BE NEXT. Floor Jansen... you are amazing! but your band needs you! I have loved Nightwish since their first album came out. i grew up on their music. they are my childhood. they are my life... they are the reason i sing today and the reason i enjoy metal music and power ballades... <3. i send all my love to their band... and i hope that their new music will be just as beautiful... i am going to go for the new vocal position... though i live in America. and am barely 21.... my voice may not be mature enough... but i sing soprano.... lol... :(... (FML....) it is my dream... i hope i am not delusional.... for saying this... just thought i would share... i have not told anyone my dream at all... :O....

'The Facts' | Reviewer: OhDear | 2/13/13

Thunder Goddess - I have to point this out to you.
You posted something titled "the facts" and then went on and on about your personal opinions against Tarja Turunen. That does not, contrary to what you may think, make them facts. Additionally, listen to older NW (Like, albums one and two), and read some interviews. Tarja has (or had) fantastic vibrato, which was reduced in use because that's what the musics called for. If you don't like her, that's all well and good, but before you climb on your soapbox and toot your own horn at your supposed (and I emphasize that word heavily) musical achievements that grant you the right to be the end-all judge of Tarja's vocal talent, I think you should take a step back and look at the fundamental properties involved. If you cannot at least appreciate the effort of a very dedicated artist (even if she wasn't as dedicated to the band, she was VERY much so dedicated to MUSIC), then you missed a severe point in musical education and need to repeat your courses. You jump on here sounding the bell on your own musical conquests and then bash a very talented person. That hurts your credibility that much more. Just because you don't like someone or their style does not mean that they haven't worked hard to be where they are or that they don't have a talent.

Come back whenever you've made the achievements she's had, and then tell us that the "fact" is that she's overrated, and not that you don't actually know squat about her musical talents and have just decided not to like her. Because a lot of the trash that you're talking is simply lies. You're rude behavior and unappreciation for dedication towards music makes you a disgrace to whatever school accepted you and trained you, and that is what I'm targeting you on - not on whether or not you are fond of Tarja in general.

the facts | Reviewer: Thunder Goddess | 12/20/12

Ok. I see what are you obsessed about, but my comment is not about NW craps. I don`t like nor NW nor Anette. But about real facts about Tarja. Since I graduated on music academy, and listening to a real opera and stuff, i can only say that Tarja is the most overated singer ever!
She has: terrible accent on every language she sings, very bad breath technics, no vibrato, harsh jumps between piano and forte,constantly forgeting the lyrics, and the most important thing- no any feelings about song she sings! She is like Hulk Hogan of music! Taff, violent, and to aggressive, she is abusing every song she sings, ecpecialy the classical one!
At the begining of NW, she was something, but now-she is nothing but a cat meowing with awful accent.
I have to say, that i totaly dislike Tuomas way of resolving things about NW with Tarja, but the facts are that she IS utterly egoistic, selfish and spoiled person, who is in the music bussiness only because that feeds her ego. Not even for money.Not even for love of music. Just for ego. And the prove is the last interviews when she said that she is "terrible person", and she can`t stand to be at home even for the sake of her baby! She would rather choose the job than taking care of her own child!!!!! What proof more you need, that Tuomas was right about her bad temper? But Tarja`s life is her own thing even if she is the most terrible person she says. The sickest thing I see here, is that utterly blind and obssessive worship of her fans, seing a "goddess" in somebody who even dislike her self- saying that she is bad person! Wtf is wrong with that people? Thay don`t have a mother? They don`t have a life? They are so retard not to understant that artists realy care only about the money, and being nice to you NOT BECAUSE THEY LIKE YOU, but because their careere depends of you? Not the mention that Tarja her self mention once taht her fans are scaring her, that she has a girl in love with her, one stalker, one magicion, and a lot of freaks treatening to her husband, that she never reads any messages from her fans but her PR is answering, etc, etc...!
Aside the fact that everybody has right to love/hate whoever they whant, but nobody can deny that Tarja is just an everage singer and average person with a bad side of her personality. Not a beauty, not a goddess, not a perfectness, not any symbol of supremacy. Taht`s a crap which only total idiot can think and belive. Nobody is perfect!
So stop once for all to jump out from people fridge with NW and Tarja, cause that is water under the bridge. Thanx God! And start listening to some other music, to realise what REAL OPERA IS (Maria Callas), and what REAL METAL IS (death, trash, black)!!!!! NW/ Tarja are not any of that! Just a ridiculous mix of Disney music and cat meowing. Together or not-both sucks!
Have no idols who just grasp the money and the life from you! Have a real life! And listen to a real music not a parody!

Someone said he didn't understand this part: "Dead Siblings walking the dying earth" | Reviewer: stinky | 8/24/12

well when i hear this, sorry to say ...... well let me set some background to this comment. as a former soldier i lost many of my siblings. and to me they still walk the earth, even if it is in my own mind. sibilings as i mean not by my mother but we were close enough that we covered/protected/knew/loved/missed/hated being without/needed them. and maybe thats what it means? to miss the dead or at least changed so much they are not the same as you know. you still have them alive in u atleast ur head and they are more real then the one that stands infront of you.

Tarja vs Anette | Reviewer: Mumukai | 6/25/12

-sigh- This Tarja vs Anette this is getting stale. It's been 7 years. Get over it, please. I was introduced to Nightwish with Wishmaster and steadily grew to love them more and more with Tarja' s voice. When Dark Passion Play came out, I was sceptical and it took me a while to enjoy it, but now I still do.

Tarja as an artist was brilliant, he vocals were great and she had a great stage presence, but with her, Nightwish was more about her then anything else. As a person, I dislike her, everything that revolved around Nightwish for her was a pursuit of her own personal gain.

Anette isn't as great a vocalist as Tarja, but her vocals are still good, you can't deny that, if a little 'pop' style. However, she brings more to the band than Tarja did and everyone now shines equally. They all contribute and they act more as Nightwish, rather than Tarja's support band.

That's just my two cents.

I agree | Reviewer: Alario | 4/26/12

I agree with wizard. Give Annette a chance I've only been listing to NW for 2 years now but I love it reguardless of the fact of the fight involving tarja. Both tarja and Annette sounds good.

Why defend Tarja? | Reviewer: Defender | 4/9/12

I read the first review and became furious at this msg. If a fan takes time off from work, buy a ticket to a concert, travel however far to a venue to see it the l very least the lead singer can do is show up to the cocert to perform. To skip a show once to go to a party is unforgivable, but to make a habit of it is despicable... and to get a larger portion of the bands earnings because she's involved with the manager. She milked the band for all it was worth and exited from said band for it. She was more interested in her status as a front woman for a successful band than she was in her career. I also would like to say to all of the older fans who grew accustomed to Tarja's voice, she was good singer, but not great. Tarja has far less control of her voice and smaller range than Anette. Anette also has cleaner less raspy register and is involved with helping to make the band work by being a bigger part of the creative process all while being mother with a young child. Stop talking about and defending Tarja, forget her, so her sins can be forgotten instead of ignored.

Tarja | Reviewer: kat | 2/2/12

She Just made a mistake and Tarja Just need to be for givin and Just for give her every one makes mistakes and People should ever say thing that hurt her feeling, She Just needs some love and we all people! I hate to see Tarja hurt she said she was very sorry! all of good people makes bad mistakes but letf just face it she is still gods child.....

Stop hating on Tarja. | Reviewer: AndreDias | 1/16/12

Honestly, how can you hate Tarja so much? is amazing how Toumas made Tarja took the blame for all of bad that happened in the band. As far as I last checked, Nightwish was still made of 5 people and each member plays an active role within the band. So how can you, fairly, place all the guilt on one member - Tarja - only because Toumas wrote that it was her fault on the open letter (which, tbh, shows how stupid Toumas treated Tarja all by itself. Kicking someone out by an open letter? After 9 years of working together? Come on. She deserved more for all that she gave to the band.)
As far as I see it, both the parties (Tarja & the band) are to blame for what ultimately happened. Which is a shame. They destroyed an enormously good band just because they weren't capable of sorting things out. Now, who didn't want to sort things out? I don't know. Perhaps, we'll never know. But I'd take a wild guess at Toumas. Just saying. It isn't the first time Toumas pulled something like this.
Anyway, regarding who is the better singer. Well, part of it depends on which singer's voice you prefer. Personally, I'd take Tarja's voice any day. Over anyone (or almost everyone).
And I prefer NW with Tarja. Why? Simple. Even though it was Toumas's music/lyrics that first made me listened, it was Tarja's voice that carried me through the whole tune. That smooth, yet powerful, voice that makes you dream of endless possibilities. That makes you beg for more. Ever since I discovered this band, I can't stop listening to Tarja's wonderful voice. Is just THAT good. Of course Toumas's composition only helped but Tarja brought a different kind of magic to the music. In my eyes, Toumas's musicianship coupled with Tarja's voice was what made the band so unique, so haunting, so powerful, so magical. It was the true core of the band and, without her, to me, the band feels incomplete. Does that make me any less of a Nightwish fan? Quite on the contrary. I loved, and love, Nightwish. But I loved how everything sounded perfectly coordinated: the voice, the guitar, the drums, the keyboards, the lyrics... I feel that it was lost. Which saddens me.
So, yes, I am an old Nightwish fan and a Tarja fan. A post-Tarja NW fan? No. I only truly liked one song out of DDP (While Your Lips Are Still Red, which isn't even sung by Annette) and, although Imaginaerum is good, it still isn't enough. It doesn't have that unexplainable feeling.

I'm still as much of a Nightwish fan as all of you guys. I just don't like what they became.

Just a comment... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/11

Someone said he didn't understand this part: "Dead Siblings walking the dying earth" - I'm thinking that maybe it's a reference to the Sibelius (hence the caps) Academy? But then again, many of Tuomas' lyrics are a bit disjointed and over-reach his abilities (the music is great, though, as are the performance and delivery, but usually it's best to just enjoy the sound and feeling and not pay too much attention to the lyrical details).

Bye Bye beautiful = Bye Bye Tarja | Reviewer: Nigma Gamiila | 10/10/11

This song it's just Tuomas's way of saying goodbye to Tarja. I don't judge Anette for becoming the female voice of Nightwish, it's the bands decision. In my opinion if you are a real fan of this band then you should respect their decisions even if they are bad or good. I personally believe lie many others that the song's message it's the one that counts and not the person who sings it

Nightwish | Reviewer: Scourge | 9/28/11

Hey, no annette and tarja fights. Instead of fighting, how about aknowledge the ten, fifteen years it took for them to get here, and the ten, fifteen years, you were sitting on your asses playing CoD.
Noxt time, enroll in the army or get guitar lessons, because you're problably horrible at both, anyway. This is a song on a CD, not the art of war on video.