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Alice Cooper Bye Bye Baby Lyrics

Last updated: 03/10/2014 06:05:25 PM

What's wrong with you today
I can never tell
Got something drastic on your mind
I can smell the smell
Honey, what's your trip today?
Can't look me in the eye
A couple thousand miles away
You took me by surprise
You left a message on the telephone
From New York City, your new home
You didn't like the neighborhood
You really hated Hollywood.
You said
bye bye baby
bye bye girl
bye bye baby
You're in another world
You said my friends are boring
You said my house is small
You like it 50 stories high
You like living tall
You hate the L.A. freeways
You hate the L.A. smog
You hate the west coast phonies.
You like the city dogs
I'm confused but I'm not mad
Said I'm the worst you've ever had
I ain't delusional. Or institutional.
But I'm pretty sure I ain't that bad
I said
Bye bye Baby
Bye bye girl
Bye bye baby
You're in another world
I tried to reach you on your private line
You sure ain't callin' mine.
Now I'm sitting here all alone
with a broken heart in a 3 time zone
Bye bye baby
Answer your phone
Bye bye baby
check your email
bye bye girl
Turn on your beeper
Bye bye Baby
Stick your head out of the window
Bye bye girl
I'm mad as hell.
Thanks to Alice Hudson for submitting Bye Bye Baby Lyrics.