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Nas Bye Baby Lyrics

Last updated: 07/09/2012 12:00:00 PM

I guess you knew and blew a good thing, baby

[Verse 1]
Bye baby, I guess you knew why I walked away
When we walked to the altar that was an awesome day
Did counseling couldn't force me to stay
Something happens when you say I do
We go astray
Why did we mess it up we was friends we had it all
Reason you don't trust men
That was ya daddy fault
He in the grave let it go he no longer living
Said you caught him cheating with mom and other women
Fuck that gotta do with us
Here's the keys to the newest truck
Billion bags, we burnin' cash, now baby do it up
No matter who you fuck, that was before me
Wanted you as my shorty since before I saw you screamin'
"Hate you so much right now"
Should've saw the man in angry black women
Ashes of a demon - I'm leaving

I guess you knew and blew a good thing, baby (Bye baby)
You know I'm saying bye-bye (Bye-bye baby)
Cause I'm sayin' bye-bye (Bye baby)

[Verse 2]
Bye baby, I guess you know why I had to leave
Seven months in your pregnancy, 'bout to have my seed
Let's take it back some years, rewind it to the happy years
You and your Star Trak fam, I'm thinking you cats are weird
Same time different year, I was diggin' your flow
Then I tatted you on my arm so niggas would know
I thought no one could stop us, matching gold watches
I was your Johnny Depp, you was my Janis Joplin
Yet, the cuter version, yet I knew you personally
Better than you knew yourself and I knew this for certain
Crib in the Dominican you got away from everybody
You screaming at the racist cops in Miami was probably
The highlight of my life, like "Hiyo look at my wife"
Gangsta, me and twenty cops 'bout to fight, crazy night
Bailed you out, next morning we got clean
Like it never happened and later we at that Heat game
Just another day in the life of two people in love
But it wasn't enough, so baby guess what...

Life Is Good is the upcoming tenth studio album by rapper Nas. The scheduled release date is July 17, 2012. This is Nas's final album under Def Jam Records.