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Laura Nyro Buy and Sell Lyrics

Last updated: 09/26/2013 01:02:52 PM

Cocaine and quiet beer, sweet candy and caramel.
Pass the time and dry the tears on a street called buy and sell.

Life turns like the endless sea. Death tolls like a vesper bell.
Children laugh and lovers dream on a street called buy and sell.

Ladies dress calico style, beware your heart when they smile.
And the men walk shamelessly, aimlessly by.
Cinders in the daylight, junkyards in the sky. Buy and sell
Sell my goods to buy my roof, my bed. My bed . . .

Two pennies will buy a rose. Three pennies, and who can tell
on a street that comes and goes, by the name of buy and sell?
Buy and sell. . . . Sell my goods to buy my roof, my bed.

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Reason for ur pain | Reviewer: Sameena | 6/26/11

There were days where I had my doubts, and the memories of u I tried to washout; but it was really hard to let u go, and that now I have, I feel like a shadow.                                                  *[.I'm the reason for ur pain, I'm the one u should blame; these r things i cant explain, but there's one thing I should say, u drive me insane.].