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George Butterfly Lyrics

Last updated: 08/13/2007 12:00:00 PM

Lala, lalala,lalalalalala, lala

Goodbye is what she said
When she said i'm sorry
And I, I'm dying ooonn the inside yeah
Cuz i tried but I cant hide the tears
That fall from my eyes

Hold me clooossse one more niggghhht
Hold me close one more tiiimme
Hold me cloooose cuz I'm dyin on the insiiiide
My butterfly

Hello, with the little wink
But what she think of me
And oh she smiled
Give me her name
But who would thought i would be crying here
With all this pain no no

Hold me close one more niiiight baby
Hold me clooose one more time (just give me one more time my baby)
Hold me clooose cuz Im dyin on the innnsiiiide
My butterfly

Now there's nothing I can do and
Theres nothing I can say
About losing you (iiiiiii)
I wish that I could find a way, wish that I could see you again
If only I could turn back time

(Harmonica break)

Hoold me clooose one more nigggghhht...
Hold me close one more tiiiiiiiime..
Hold me cloooose cuz Im dyyyin on the insiiide (dying on the inside)
My butterfly....
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