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THE BIO of....ME

When I was growing up, it was all about metal... When I wanted to go see AC/DC with my friends, my mother (who I love dearly) said "you can't go see AC/DC in concert! The devil dances on stage with them every night!" I said,"AWESOME!" I was hooked on hard rock ever since. While i was still a kid, I left Cartersville, Ga. with my clubbing cash, moved to LA and took my band with me. We were signed to a major label record deal 10 months later, making a record with a hot producer, and a video with the guy who did all those dumb Aerosmith videos, we were unstoppable, until we were, um... stoppable.

I ended up ditching the whole concept and went DIY that's "do it yourself" for all of you freshmen, yo. I can see the cock rock rehab program slogan now; "This program Will Take You From 'Firehouse' To FireHOSE in 90 Days," or "Down With Winger... Up With Weezer!" I put THE MARVELOUS 3 (R.I.P.) together, and within a year of playing a few sold out shows around the southeast (and a lot of empty ones too,) 99X, a big station in Atlanta started playing a song of ours (on our indie release) called "Freak of the Week" on their station. (The song was ironically about coming to terms with selling out... funny.) It blew up. I broke up the band, cut all my ties, had one hell of a nervous breakdown, and went UG in the 2K for a while (that's "underground" in 2000..dawg...).

I was doing fine, living off of my pension from the big hit song, and i started getting asked to write and produce with other groups around the country. some of these went on to have bigger hits and sales than i did. After that my ego was too big to sit in a studio, so I made my own record. I recorded about 45 songs, which I mostly hated, but managed to find a few that I liked. I signed a record deal, the record (which I wrote, performed, recorded and produced) was called LEFT OF SELF CENTERED... It sold 5 copies I think.. let's cut to now.. i just finished work on my new record called "Letters" (droppin' in the 08/2004 on Epic records.. Peace out, one love, yada...). The first single and video is for a song called "Mixtape." a live acoustic cd from the last US tour, and a live DVD is in the works from it as well. lots of cool shit.

Oh, I guess I should mention (to create a "story"), that I just produced and co-wrote for a bunch of people you may or may not like... Avril Lavigne Simple Plan Midtown Sevendust American HiFi The Donnas .... Pretty cool people and all worked with me because of my drinking skills. Hell yeah! It's true! I like song writing. I like recording songs. I like performing them. I like doing it. I will always do it. So if you like my shit, I will keep putting it out... that last part actually sounds sort of gross. see ya later, butch walker

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Tired of the same old music? | Reviewer: Michelle | 4/18/10

Wow, I went to see Train in concert and ended up liking Butch Walker and the Black Widows a million times better. The energy on stage was amazing, the music I had never heard before but had me rocking in my chair. Then Train came on stage and it felt like an old folks show! Can't wait to see them again!

Just go see Butch | Reviewer: JohnVA | 5/27/09

If you have never seen Butch live, find his tour schedule and see him in your town or grab a few friends and make a road trip out of it. All those years he spent touring in a van have paid off and he is the my dynamic live performer I've ever seen. I first saw him in 2004 and he plaid the first 8 songs or so solo with either his guitar or piano and he rocked harder with his raw passion and skills that anyone who is actually getting radio play today could ever dream of.

So do yourself a favor, buy his disks and go see him live. Not to mention he usually hangs out after shows so if you stick around afterward you might get to meet a really cool guy how loves his fans.

OhYeahDude | Reviewer: Ellen xD | 4/24/08

I just don't understand why he isn't as big as like.. Britney Spears or someone like that. Believe me, I don't like Britney, but she's a lot more famous than Butch even though he is way more talented and he can write his own songs, produce them and performe them (LIVE ofcourse =D)
I don't care if he's famous or not, I will always like his songs and listen to his music, it would only be a lot easier to go see him in concert if he is more famous (because I live in the netherlands.. that really sucks if you want to listen to some real good music because all they want to hear around here are songs from singers like Rihanna and stuff=S)

Butch Rawks! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/06

I have loved Butch since i was a teenager..Southgang Rocks! I have never had the pleasure to see him live, I missed him in Montreal And Torinto, but you bet your life next time around I am going. He is amazingly talented. Give his stuff a chance.

I'm hooked | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/06

wow ok it's hard to explain how amazing this guy is! He's perfect! and the best of the best! He's a talented musician and has a great voice and better yet he writes his own songs! I listen to him everyday! His music is the greatest i've loved him ever since going to the avril concert here in montreal! Thank god he opened for her because i wud have never found out about him. But not only is he talented but he's hott too! I swear he's the best thing i never had! lmao too bad he's turning 37 this year... but anyways I LOVE BUTCH!!!!!!!!!!!

42 and 14 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/06

He's funny, articulate, intelligent and gives great emotional lyrics. Awesome sarcastic wit and damn, what a voice, face, bad boy, GOD, just HOT! 42 and 14...That's my and my daughters ages, and neither one of us can get enough of "Letters". Hooked on Butch since we saw him with Avril at the Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan... yes, it's close enough to be deemed DETROIT....Okay, I'm a young 42...Still want to know your age, Butch! No youngster knows what a mixed tape is and my daughter's needing therapy over the whole deal of thinking someone is sexy when her mom does....Just don't stop what you're doing!!!

just thought you wanted to know... | Reviewer: lubaruba | 1/18/05

I want to give Butch an awesome review. If you haven't heard it, you don't know what your missing. Extremely talented, charismatic, and ummm awesome. All those good songs you can't stop singing on the radio... Butch wrote 'em.

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