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If you live in the semi-posh London suburb of Finchley, the
chances are you'll already be aware of Busted. They're the
three lads who moved in down the road in March - the ones
responsible for the all-hours parties, the distant thump of
top-volume music, and the gentle scent of unwashed dishes
drifting through the spring air. If you're new to Charlie,
Mattie and James, hold onto your hat: Busted are finally
ready to do to the charts what they've already done to
North London, armed only with their own brand of
infectious, boysterous, More...

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Review about Busted songs
imissu | Reviewer: cynthia...
    ------ About the song Can't Break Through performed by Busted

i really love this song...
it makes me realize everything i have done in my past... it's so amazing this song inspired me a lots i love it so much...i used to listen this song everytime...it makes my heart fulfill

Peaches All Over Me | Reviewer: Peachie Pie
    ------ About the song Peaches performed by Busted

Peaches on my head, peaches on my toes, peaches in between where those peaches shouldn't go. Loving this song, loving those peaches, make mine with peaches and ice cream blowing down the line.

♥ | Reviewer: Lucy
    ------ About the song Without You performed by Busted

I love this song... it's so simple but yet so effective. Many people experience what these lyrics describe - me being one of them. Thank you Charlie Simpson for this insperational song. Love Busted always ♥♥

busted - crashed the wedding | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Crashed The Wedding performed by Busted

this song is amazing...still a big fan of busted and im sooo glad matt willis and james bourne want busted to get back together, even if charlie stopped it...damm him lol....why cant they just rejoin as the two of them? it would make sooo many people happy...i (l) this song btw^^

McFly and Busted rock | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Thunderbirds Are Go performed by Busted

For anyone that says McFly is a copycat of Busted, Tom Fletcher was a member of Busted for 24 hours. They both wanted to do the same kind of music. Plus, Busted writes McFly's stuff and McFly writes Busted's stuff. Tom Fletcher helped write thing song.
Any song by McFly or Busted I love so I love this song. They are amazing.

<33 | Reviewer: BUSTED YAY
    ------ About the song Loser Kid performed by Busted

matt can't sing? i thought it first too but hsi voice is just rugged and crazy, man! i like MATT! and i still do. matt willis is so crazy and funny and such a lovely guy. at first i thought 'not so good-looking and he's a weird one' but ilearned to love him. his look, his character. charlie i dont like. it's not that i hate him. but his voice is not so special. just "normal". James and matt got crazier voices <3. i mean if just james and charlie or matt and charlie sing there's more mising than when james and matt sing. and the thing that charlie look cuter when he is in fightstar, i liked his look at the end of the bsuted time but his long hair i can't stand.
how can you say james is an playboy? what he does that you say that, huh?!
JB got cool/kewl and good OWN (old) SONGS.
their COVERS are HORRIBLE. their NEW ALBUM, too.

yay! this song rules! | Reviewer: Kat
    ------ About the song Loser Kid performed by Busted

BUSTED RULE!!! As if you like the Jonas Brothers xD lmao. what are you, 7? Busted own them, completely. Matt willis is not shit, he can sing, and fightstar were never anything like busted so wtf are you talking about O.o okaaaayyy. Busted forever. Hope they do a spice girls :P someday.

Loser Kid | Reviewer: Nikki
    ------ About the song Loser Kid performed by Busted

This song sounds like What i go to school for.I like your version better but i think Busted is so old fashioned that's why i like Joe,Nick and Kevin better.And i wonder why you Mattie Jay can't sing he'ss quite ugly.Yuck!Charlie is cute but he is cuter when he is in Fightstar!Honestly I fell in Love with James voice but he is such an internet bitch!JOE JONAS 4ever.I love Busted songs but i love JB songs better especially Burning up.

Busted sucks!!!! | Reviewer: Diana Dee
    ------ About the song Loser Kid performed by Busted

Sorry,i hate busted.It is good that charlie left the band coz he is better in Fightstar.I Learned to love him when he was in Fightstar.Busted sucks!Especially their songs!I h8 Matt Willis his shit!He Cannot sing and James is Playboy and gay.James is an internet bitch!Fuck him.U fans have no taste its the worst thing that happen in music industry.I Love Blue and Fightstar.BLUE rox!:)

maan | Reviewer: sleeping with the light on
    ------ About the song Sleeping With The Light On performed by Busted

soo nice, man. great lyrics, great song. one of my favourites. Too bad they broke up. The good part of this is that mattie is having a great carreer on his own. song called "hey kid!" is one of my favourites. still i miss busted, even though i never listened their music when they were together.

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