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Busta Rhymes

The high-spirited, vocalized music, Caribbean- Busta
Rhymes began rapping at the age of 12, when he moved from
Brooklyn to long Island. He then started to get involved
with rapping, he started going to contests and eventually
met what he wanted to be.

Partner MC Charlie Brown of the New York rap Leaders of
the new school. Charlie Brown who at the time was a ninth
grader started to rap with Busta and won a con test
sponsored by the public Enemy group. They liked the two of
them so much they wanted Charlie and busta More...

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Review about Busta Rhymes songs
great song, horrible job on the lyrics | Reviewer: swiitch
    ------ About the song No Worries performed by Busta Rhymes

lol half of the lines written out don't even make sense (When they aks who then ice is in the circle, Dobby Band cuz your name ain’t included) try; " When they ask who THE NICEST IS in the circle, DON'T BE MAD cuz your name ain't included" etc. If you aren't sure, don't even bother posting it. Fail.

so hardcore correction | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song So Hardcore performed by Busta Rhymes

"so hardcore like quick draw mcgraw...fuck what you heard you ain't heard this before."

quickdraw mcgraw was an old school video game involving a gun controller and pieces of video clips that take the player into various duels in a wild west town

    ------ About the song We Could Take It Outside performed by Busta Rhymes

This song is hands down my favorite from Flipmode. The track is put together well with a killer beat and lyrical style to match. The scratches add a nice touch even if you can't appreciate turntablism. Each artist contributed and complimented this production, and really every track on the "When Disaster Strikes" album combines for an enjoyable listening from start to finish. So, in other words, IT'S MAD DOPE!!!

Wrong eminem lyric? | Reviewer: Joe
    ------ About the song I'll Hurt You (Remix) performed by Busta Rhymes

Eminem says:

#1: G-g-g-goobers *are glued* you

#2(I think): Cause Bus a Bus and Flipmode just tip toed into the club
With shady quietly tryin not to start up a riot with Doc
But since *we all been spotted* we might as well have a party
So gather 'round everybody come on lets get our drink on

That last one I just think. It makes more sense.

Pay it | Reviewer: Anna
    ------ About the song Touch It performed by Busta Rhymes

It's definitely Pay it because it comes from the daft punk song "technologic"

real ish | Reviewer: tha kid`
    ------ About the song How Much We Grew performed by Busta Rhymes

hot ish, when i first heard this song it about made me cry, this is real shit

phat! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I'll Hurt You (Remix) performed by Busta Rhymes

this is phat. busta's flow is so smooth as well as em's. em, one of the greates MCs of all time

where's eminem | Reviewer: Bradley you smell
    ------ About the song I'll Hurt You performed by Busta Rhymes

yes ok you have busta rhyme's lyrics all in there but where is the 2nd verse sung by eminem ??? please reply asap

Just wow... | Reviewer: Luke
    ------ About the song Touch It (Remix) performed by Busta Rhymes

I may be a metalhead, but just wow. I've had this song on repeat all morning. I heard it in my mates motor last night and I think it's fucking awesome. It could just get me liking rap again (although I'll never lose interest in Metal).

missing some | Reviewer: Cody
    ------ About the song I'll Hurt You performed by Busta Rhymes

After the second chourus, Eminem sings his verse, but its not up here..

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