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Busta Rhymes Biography

Last updated: 07/06/2011 12:00:00 PM

Busta Rhymes

The high-spirited, vocalized music, Caribbean- Busta Rhymes began rapping at the age of 12, when he moved from Brooklyn to long Island. He then started to get involved with rapping, he started going to contests and eventually met what he wanted to be.

Partner MC Charlie Brown of the New York rap Leaders of the new school. Charlie Brown who at the time was a ninth grader started to rap with Busta and won a con test sponsored by the public Enemy group. They liked the two of them so much they wanted Charlie and busta to start recording songs at the Public Enemy studio's on long Island. They soon became a big hit and were named the LONS.

Busta has been a big part in the music Industry ever since meeting hot new celerities like Mary J. and TLC. He Even has been in several movies like SHAFT and STRAPPED with Scenes that he actually grew up In.

The hit that made him really big was a album by the name of "Disaster
Strikes". When that came out people really turned there heads, when you heard that song you new it was Busta Rhyme's song. This CD showed the real changes of Busta and his new style of music called flipmode

What I like about Busta is he has a nice personality to himself. He doesn't curse in his music as much as other rappers do. In a interview I saw Busta on Much Music Tv he talken about why he raps. He says he's not rapping to be a row model, actually he says he shouldn't be considered a row model for kids. He just says he raps for the people that were suffering in the past from a different race that were tortured. Busta isn't like other rappers who puts girls in there music videos to show that there all that. As much as I like that it just shows disrespect. Now a day rap is shooting and life in the hood.

In the meantime Busta rhymes was asked to join the likes of R.Kelly, Deborah cox and Foxy Brown with a song that will go huge for the Busta Rhymes fans. The song that goes by the name of "I know what you want" sky rocketed DOWN. It was a big disappointment for Busta, so since it never made it the top 10 list Busta is going to start his own tour in June and give the fans what they want.

Thanks to Emil for submitting the biography.