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On a club gig in London five years ago two people met in
the bar. They began talking about music and realized they
had the same music taste, Bob Marley, Pixies etc. The two
guys were Gavin Rossdale and Nigel Pulsford, the first
members of today's Bush. Next thing in the band history
that happened was that bassist Dave Parsons joined, coming
from the band Transvision Vamp. The three guys plus a
unknown drummer founded a rock group called the "Future
Primitive", but they later changed the name to Bush.

They had some songs and played More...

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Review about Bush songs
The end of a love affair | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Comedown performed by Bush

In the beginning there is a girl cutting him down to size. A love hate relationship. No one that could take her place. I don't see it as drug addiction. He is on a cloud, happy in a relationship. It may be ending and he doesn't want it to. He realizes that it took him all this time to realize he needs her. In the end he is asking " why did you". Meaning why did she end it?

And i am You & what i see is Me | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Swallowed performed by Bush

I'm with everyone yet not.

He misses the completeness of childhood, the effortless innocence & simplicity where all was One & One was All & he's trying to get back there. Wanted to be himself but was told to be someone else, the perfect nobody (which he already was until they forced identity on him). With identity comes separation, with everyone yet not. This is agony, full of useless stuff. The cup runneth over so its time for drugs, time for sex, time for pain killers of every type

i miss the One i love alot

Perfect | Reviewer: Diane Kaplan
    ------ About the song Alien performed by Bush

Love this song! U can feel the dark, rainy evening, and the passion between the lovers., "Flicker on the tv screen, everything's more than it seems." as if every moment is heightend to its utmost ability. Gavin is am amazing lyriscist!

The video & tehsong | Reviewer: Anhel
    ------ About the song Letting The Cables Sleep performed by Bush

I am closer to what Dor(?) said, at least for the video, my take is that the girl has to make a moral desition, because he can't, for him whatever she says is alright, whatever she does is all good...
Is thought even for teh girl..even for me...

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Glycerine performed by Bush

I loved this song when I was little and knew nothing about music, and I still love it to this day. This is one of those songs that never gets old. I'm even considering singing it as my solo song for choir.

History of the music | Reviewer: jadgh
    ------ About the song Crazy Train performed by Bush

Ozzy has outstanded people all his life, starting in early adulthood, in Black Sabbath. ThoughI haven't been alive through all of his career, I love to listen to the music through the ages. This song was the song that got him back on his feet and sell tickets to thousands and millions of people. OZZY OSBOURNE NEVER LETS DOWN!

Don't Wanna Comedown | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Comedown performed by Bush

when I drink (which is nearly every night) this my song of choice I agree it about some sort of drug but at the time it could be also about alcohol because you do get some sense of feeling good and you don't waana come back down from the cloud you just got up too

Fills my soul | Reviewer: Jen Lynn
    ------ About the song Float performed by Bush

The lyrics to this song fills and warms my soul. Anything more dramatically beautiful?! So profound and well written. Strong words of what the mind and heart can feel together! An absolute favorite of mine.

Silence is not the way! | Reviewer: dor
    ------ About the song Letting The Cables Sleep performed by Bush

I feel quite surprised that for years this song has meant for me a totlly different thing from what mmost people are saying!
When he says, Heaven is in the way. We need to talk about it! It obviously (to me) means thatsome moral decision is taking place and obviously the girl he is with can't tell him. Because there are no words about it! Well there are words for evrything, but some topic we do not really talk about!
So, whatever she says is all right, whatever she does its all good! and the guy woint quite fit in where he belongs untill, he gives up whats in the way! to get whats in front of him! This is what I though in the 2001-02 when i was listening to this song!
its still a touching song and clearly it has affected many peoples lifes! As it describes something powerfull!

Very touchy | Reviewer: Pedro Nunes
    ------ About the song Letting The Cables Sleep performed by Bush

It feels like heaven, ti feels like a smoked something, and stayed in the dark, on the floor looking for nothing and thinking on nothing..

But my head bring my ex-gf to mind, to my bestfriend that i betrayed to be with her..
Brings all the sadness and the good things i ever done, make me think about her that betrayed me too..
Maybe she was and never will be the best girl for me, but, dont know why, after everything she done to me, i keep liking her, but i will not tell her, i will not get back to her, even if i want i cant, she have a boyfriend who is the one that she betrayed me..

Is just confusing why i keep liking her so much?
Thats the things that i think when i hear this song,fell in zen..

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