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In a search for what black metal would become it became
necessary to find out what it meant, and that leads us to a
category of black metal bands who are "the
conceptualizers," most notably, Burzum, Darkthrone and
Immortal. However, it is only Burzum who exceeded the epic
with the majestic in terrifyingly abstract and emotional

Created to "stimulate the fantasy of mortals," the music of
Burzum is vengeance of chaos against the propagation of
administrative and technological models for human
existence, ideas which demand More...

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Review about Burzum songs
The most memorable Berzum song for me | Reviewer: Cannibal of the Night
    ------ About the song War performed by Burzum

Yeah brothers. This is MOST DEFINITELY the BEST Berzum song to me. Man I miss jamming this tune with my buddies in the mid-90's. Short, brutal, and just straight point jam. Good, good, memories of this jam. Whether jamming it ourselves, listening to it on cassette, or while riding around town with my girl, and the friends. Ahh...great times when we were young! "WAR!". OI, OI, OI! /M\

awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song War performed by Burzum

This is on of the best burzum song. Great vocals,bass,guitar and drums.

\m/ | Reviewer: n/a
    ------ About the song War performed by Burzum

this song is basically about how the christian had crushed down the norwagien culture..by buildin chruchs on top of the religious place..n hence to seek revenge..WAR...a very deep meaning song..thanx to euronymous for the guitar solo..

Awesome song | Reviewer: Ross Turch
    ------ About the song War performed by Burzum

This song is one of my favorites by burzum, next to Erblicket Die Tochter Des Firmaments and Stemmen Fra Taarnet, all three are great songs, and this one is very nice and ambient, which I like, it's not like a lot of other burzum songs, that's what I like about it, it's more melodic, and the drumming is better than a lot of burzum songs too, overall, it's a 8/10!

Religion & Violence | Reviewer: Anikky
    ------ About the song Lost Wisdom performed by Burzum

The first Burzum song I ever heard- as well as my favourite.

"Denied by the blind church
'cause these are not the words of God"

Too bad the religious messages of many black metal bands at the time was blurred by the violence ie. church burnings, etc.

Hundres not hundred | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song War performed by Burzum

"with hundred of corpses all around"
With hundredS of corpses all around

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