Bury Your Dead Lyrics

Mat Bruso - vocals / Slim - guitar / Mark Castillo - drums
/ Rich Casey - bass

The band Bury Your Dead formed in late 2001. Bury Your
Dead has been making a name for themselves in the New
England hardcore music scene. Having spawned from such
ground-breaking bands as; Blood Has Been Shed, As The Sun
Sets, Groundzero, Piecemeal, Pictures Of Gabriel, and
Hamartia The members come from an extensive background of
all genres of music. The band originally set out just to do
the project for fun, and play shows on a every now and then More...

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Reviews about Bury Your Dead songs

My opinion | Reviewer: Chris
    ------ About the song The Color Of Money performed by Bury Your Dead

- You make your choice, at the same time you made mine.
(i can relate to this, my mother found another man after my dad, hes been my step dad for years but we never have and never will get along)

- You found a man that you'd give for, and what you gave would mean my everything.
(once again i see this relating to family issues)

- We had a fire that's not what makes a home.
(i see the fire as all the shit going on at home)

- Are you proud that we turned out so strong?
( i think this could be directed at a family member asking them if they are proud despite the shit they went through to turn out strong)

all this pointing towards domestic differences yet some of the song seems as though it could be aimed at a lost love of some sort.

what I think this song means | Reviewer: jon
    ------ About the song The Color Of Money performed by Bury Your Dead

I think the song means now that I have reviewed it I think it mean that when his girl left for someone that would give her what she wanted he turned to the bottle and drugs to keep him strong he was living in a false realitiy and from time to time they would still see each other but it was never what he wanted so he cont. With the drugs and drinking and then the girl returned to him but it didn't return to what it use to be

remeber | Reviewer: eden
    ------ About the song The Color Of Money performed by Bury Your Dead

at first wen i heard the song i didnt realize but wen i read the lyrics i understood they sound to me like someone is stronger and doesnt need some little girl who didnt want to move on caz she felt love but then she met someone who would give it up to her and she didnt want the boy to do a wrong doin so she left both guys knoing she was moving and niether of them would stay in touch wit her after she was gone

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