Bury Your Dead Albums

  • Cover Your Tracks Album (10/9/2004)
    Top Gun
    Vanilla Sky
    Mission: Impossible
    Eyes Wide Shut
    The Outsiders
    Mission: Impossible 2
    The Color Of Money
    Risky Business
    All The Right Moves
    Losin' It

  • You Had Me at Hello Album (2/25/2003)
    Sunday's Best
    Tuesday Night Fever
    Dragged Out And Shot
    So Fucking Blues
    Burn Baby Burn
    Cammo Is My Favorite Color
    69 Times A Charm
    Ten Minute Romance
    Mosh N' Roll

  • Demo Album (7/10/2002)
    Ten Minutes Romance
    Sunday's Best
    Dragged Out And Shot
    33 RPM
    Bury Your Fucking Dead

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