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Bury Your Dead Biography

Last updated: 02/12/2011 11:00:00 AM

Mat Bruso - vocals / Slim - guitar / Mark Castillo - drums / Rich Casey - bass

The band Bury Your Dead formed in late 2001. Bury Your Dead has been making a name for themselves in the New England hardcore music scene. Having spawned from such ground-breaking bands as; Blood Has Been Shed, As The Sun Sets, Groundzero, Piecemeal, Pictures Of Gabriel, and Hamartia The members come from an extensive background of all genres of music. The band originally set out just to do the project for fun, and play shows on a every now and then basis. The original lineup consisted of: Mark Hundley: Vocals, Joe Krewko: Vocals, Brendan Macdonald: Guitar, Mark Costillo: Drums, Jesse Viens: Guitar, and Steve Kent: Bass. With Brendan & mark coming fresh from more tech bands they decided to keep Bury Your Dead’s material Simple, energetic, sweet, and Remarkably heavy. Since the Core of the band the solid foundation has been announced as: Matt Bruso: Vocals, Richard Casey: Bass, Brendan Macdonald: Guitar, Dan O' Connor: guitar, and Chris Sansone: Drums.

Our First official release as Bury Your Dead was a CDEP with 5 songs. This was the first set of songs written by the band. After playing many shows and quickly building a following on the east coast Eulogy/Alveran Recordings made Bury Your Dead an offer that could not be passed up. After signing to Eulogy/Alveran in Spring 2002 Bury Your Dead Started to book their first tour for the Summer of 2002. Before leaving for tour Car Crash Audio re-released the CDEP in the form of a limited edition summer tour cd in the Quantity of 1000. Touring all summer left them sharing the stage with many great bands such as: Andrew W.K., Glassjaw, Bleeding Through, Poison The Well, American Nightmare, Avenged Sevenfold, A Perfect Murder, Diecast, Hatebreed, Misfits, Until The End, One Nation Under, Evergreen Terrace, XonefifthX, Terror, The Promise, Eighteen Visions, Throwdown, Hopesfall, Most Precious Blood, Cannae, Between The Buried and Me, Dead To Fall, Bane, and many many more which brought them to many of the 50 states, and into Canada.

Moving right along, After touring for most of the summer into back to school. Bury Your Dead hit the studio to record their Eulogy/Alveran Debut, “You Had Me At Hello”. Before the CD was released the band had a major lineup change. This brings us to the current day/lineup. The new Bury Your Dead will be playing their first show back on March 28th 2003. With the months of April & May filling up fast. Bury Your Dead and the Management anticipate this Summer to be a busy one with a hectic touring schedule.