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My Chemical Romance Bury Me In Black Lyrics

Last updated: 10/12/2013 06:48:52 AM

I said, we'll drown ourselves in misery tonight
White lies! You're bored out of your dancing shoes this time

Just give us war! War! Lipstick, blood, and purifying flame.

Besides I've had too much to drink again tonight
Black skies, we'll douse ourselves in high explosive lights

Just give us war! War! I've been calling you all week for my shotgun!

Pick up the phone
Pick up the phone, fucker!

I wanna see what your insides look like,
I bet you're not fucking pretty on the inside
I wanna see what your insides look like
I wanna see you

Well you don't say
And well I can't explain what happened to my face,
Late last night,
I'll sleep in empty pools and vacant alleyways
And what I'm going through, shoot lipgloss through my veins


I wanna figure out,
I wanna figure what your insides look like now!

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Rockin'! | Reviewer: ...! | 10/12/13

Well, MCR is not the best band in the world, howver, these guys are ("was", considering that the band no longer exists) pretty good; and this song simply rocks! Of course one of my favorite of their songs, it's awesome the way how Gerard screams, simply gorgeous! The rhytm, the lyrics, everything is good in this song.

Mikey Way | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/12

I play the bass guitar and no matter how much I love MCR's songs I don't play any of them simply because of their basic bass lines. I am not saying that Mikey is not a good bass player but I'm not saying he is amazing at what he does and no one can do it like he does. I'm sure plenty of people can do what he plays. The reason for this is because the band has two guitarists and two fabulous guitarists at that. They both supply the rhythm and guitar solos. The bass isn't need to shape the song, but rather to keep the beat of it and to complete the band (also to earn the awesome name). Other bands for example Red Hot Chili Peppers, they have an amazing bass guitarist and their bass lines are brilliant because they make the bass a huge instrumental focus and they challenge sounds and make something different. Both these bands have their strengths and their weaknesses and I do hope that people will stop preying on the weaknesses and just concentrate on their own favourite band's strengths.

Woah hold up. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/11

Ray Toro is not the new Slash. Slash is fucking Slash you idiot. Same with JIMI HENDRIX, NOT JIMMY HENDRICKS. There's a reason I stopped listening to these guys when I was 13. It's because they are a symbol for "emo" kids who think they are unique, who think Gerard Way is "hot" and who think that this music is actually good. Don't talk about Slash or Hendrix if you can't respect them. Listen to some bands who know their instruments, like the ones mentioned above, and not these guys.

Mn. | Reviewer: Mickey | 5/27/11

I usually like MCR's lyrics. Really. But this one is better just to listen to. I mean: if I just listen to it and let all the emotions wash through me it's great. But if I think that Gerard actually wrote it 'cuz his drinking partner left him... well. Don't you have, sweethy, something more - mn - meaningful to tell me?

If music is emotion, it's also meaning. It has to make sense, it has to tell me something. And well, after God knows how many songs about murdering and recovering and shotguns I'm a bit sick of those ideas.
Thank God they didn't put this in the studio album.

People get lost. Quit this shit about saving lives because really... they got money, a shitload of it, for this stuff. And I don't think MCR go nurse self-injured teenagers. They just make songs and people see in 'em whatever they want. And about the talent... Yes, they're talented, but y'know just being there, in the music business, don't necessary mean you're some kind of melodies god. (And fucking accept the fact that Mickey Way got there just because of Gerard. Anyone can play bass like him, and anyone can jump or just MOVE playing those poor bass lines, not just standing there like a fucking rock!) Quit those ideas, see things and people for what they really are. Quit the idealization. And metaphores? Every fuckin' wannabe can come out w/ a metaphore. That doesn't mean shit.
I think that they got there for a series of lucky events. And for that QUID that a lot of bands lack.
Anyway I like MCR, I'm just very critical over the things I love.

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/10

I wish that this song were released on a studio album rather than being a permanent demo, but it's still a great song.

Also, MCR is NOT emo. If emo were to simply mean "depressing lyrics", then almost every band would be emo. Rather, for a band to be emo, their genre has to be hardcore, not post-hardcore like MCR. A real emo band is something like Rites of Spring.

in my opinoin | Reviewer: kara | 6/10/10

i think that all u ppl that want to go on here and say shit aboutt mcr need to get a fuckin life. this is for ppl eho wwant to share how they feel about these awesomly great songs. if u feel that u need to WHINE about what other ppl like and then go listen to some meaningless shit that doesnt hav any emotion in it, that shoodnt even be called music, then u rlly hav no taste at all. its a wholke bunch of bull shit to me. and yes i agree that gerard way is fuckin beautiful, but that rlly has nothing to do with their music, at all. they are my favorite band of all time (and megadeth) and rock like hell. so rock on MCR!!! :D

¬¬ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/10

I like mcr a lot. But this is a review about the lyrics, and i think they are really well written. More psychopathic than emo to be honest, the style of writing is emo though (which isn't a bad thing in musical terms).
And enough with people trying to win an argument by mentioning Gerard and Frank as being sexy, what does that prove musically? They are good musicians, if they wern't they wouldn't of been able to headline festivals and do world tours. Any band that gets that far are talented. Like it or not.

Pick up the fone fucker! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/09

i <3 dis song!!!!! its soooooo fucking amazing!

-the song is bout g's drinking partner leaving
-mcr is NOT emo,its not about the lyrics, its about the message and point it brings across, anyone who looks into their views shuld agree there not promo self harm and the songs r a tool to help you relieve ur anger not bi hurting urself
- g and all the rest of mcr r amazing, talented, and sexy wether you like them or not, (ex: not all u like mozart but still agree hes amazingly talented)
-Ray is the new slash and jimmy hendricks
- i love people =D

Awesome song. | Reviewer: Barbed Wire For Shoe Laces | 7/9/08

First of all, I seriously doubt they are rock gods. Years and years from now I don't think they'll be remembered as great as they are now. Mainly, they are an amazing band, and pretty much better than most bands now-a-days.

<3 | Reviewer: Kat | 3/19/08

This song is amazing, and I think they all are. Yes The Black Parade is very different from the first two albums, but it's still amazing, just in a different way. MCR are my heroes, completey reshaped my life, I hate how you get so much shit just for liking them or wearing something MCR related when if I saw someone wearing a shirt for a band that I didn't like, I'd say fuck all. I've had people tell me they sound the same in every song and it just makes me laugh tbh. They should listen to something like Thankyou For The Venom, and then something like Cancer, and see if they still think that.

MCR Bury Me In Black | Reviewer: MCRlover | 1/15/08

First of all, I love this song. It's really emotional. I love all MCR songs, even though people say that TBP sucks. It doesn't; they just changed their veiws on the world. Gerard even said, "What's so bad about singing songs about missing someone instead of vampire assassins?"
Secondly, MCR IS NOT EMO. They say they aren't and they write the music, so... they SHOULD know what genre they fall under. Who are you going to listen to, My Chemical Romance who WRITES and PERFORMS the music, or some idiotic reviewer to kid that thinks they have a clue as to what they're talking about?

Music and emotion | Reviewer: Ryan | 1/4/08

MCR are my heroes...the reason I made a band and how I reaction in certain situations....and to sort out all the emo shit...Frank Iero (Hero) once said 'If music has no emotion in it, then it's just a jingle'...that is so correct

and music, rap, dance, rave, indie..everything has emotion in it...the emotion MCR have is just different to other peoples in the music industry...FACT : MCR Save Lives!

oh please, | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/07

You people know shit, MCR is not Emo.. I mean come on, Only because they sing about things that like mean something and not just pure shit like most of the bands lately do. I mean, can you just stop, stop all the bullshit. If you think they're emo, fine, think so but don't fucking whine about it 24/7, Don't you have anything better to do?
Just because they sing about maybe emotional stuff and use metaphors doesn't mean they're emo, it means they're REAL and have something to say with their songs or/and help people and help themselves to get through stuffs, like if something bad or good happened them.
You guys should really go and listen to some real emo and then you can talk, But no... people just got this picture of everything being emo without really knowing what Emo truly is.

I love My Chemical Romance, for their songs, and then that they're hot, well that comes like a bonus.
And lately I've been having a thing for this song, it's beautifuul <3 Like mostly all their song is <3

Gerard way IS a ROCK god! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/07

gerard wrote this song about his old drinking partner that left him. It was back in the days when he was an alcoholic (thank god he isnt anymore)he had a friend which he drank with but one day his friend quit alcohol and gerard got angry at him.

despite the reason for this song I STILL LOVE IT!!! :) =D =D =D =D

oh my... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/07

you're writing reviews about the damn song, not the band. while reading everyone's comments all it says is "omfg, mcr is such a good band" yeah, thanks for the info, but we already know that, that is why we are here.

anyways, great song.
but, uh, whoever says they're not an emo band, should take a closer look at their lyrics. yes yes, they use a lot of "sweeping metaphors" so some of their lyrics don't really mean what it appears to mean, but c'mon.. metaphors is emo..