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Link 80 Burning Down Lyrics

Last updated: 04/16/2003 05:39:17 AM

A place that I could go to, no longer welcomes me, outcasted and rejected, I never thought I'd leave. No longer is it sacred, it's tainted through and through, I thought that it was differen, now I know that isn't true... You wear on your sleeve, I wear it in my heart, you were so quick to finish, I have yet to start... Something far to perfect, is never what it seems, the reality I wanted, lives only in my dreams. It's so sad that your life revolves around a fad, you're burning down your future while you build up your past... The unity they sold to me, was an ugly f*cking lie. They've cast me out, and I've seen the truth 'cos I opened my eyes... A fatasty I lived in has now crashed back to the ground, now nothing looks the same, it's all been turned around. I thought that I could live it and change the was things are, but I lived that way for years, and nothing's changed so far. It took so long to build it, this home I thought I'd found, but where there's smoke there's fire, and now it's burning down.