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Refused Burn it Lyrics

Last updated: 11/05/2002 03:02:46 AM

another page in a history book - another line to justify the land we took
another page in a history book - another lie to forget the lives we took
history repeats itself in another second
exploitation for generations - we just don´t get it
burn it - burn this lie down
burn it - no more enslavement
burn it - burn this history page
burn it - just burn it
human life is still worth less than possession of power
we are the slaves of today under fascist co-operation
structure to maintain the awareness and civilization we made
the lands we plundered and the cultures we raped
we are all a part of progression - the victims of a capitalist system
just statistics in history books that glorify the mass-murders and the genocide's
what we have changed - what we have accomplished in our strife for equality
oppression rules - money controls in a world where war is still economically beneficial
for those in power
in a sexist, homophobic, rasist existence we still fight for freedom...