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Queens Of the Stone Age Burn The Witch Lyrics

Last updated: 12/17/2010 10:00:00 AM

Holding hands
Skipping like a stone
On our way
To see what we have done
The first to speak
Is the first to lie
The children cross
Their hearts & hope to die

Bite your tongue
Swear to keep your mouth shut

Ask yourself
Will i burn in Hell?
Then write it down
& cast it in the well
There they are
The mob it cries for blood
To twist the tale
Into fire wood
Fan the flames
With a little lie
Then turn your cheek
Until the fire dies
The skin it peels
Like the truth, away
What it was
I will never say...

Haaahh (oohhhh-oohhhh)Haaahh (oohhhh-ohhhh)

Bite your tongue, swear to keep
Keep your mouth shut
Make up something
Make up something good...

(guitar solo)

Holding hands
Skipping like a stone
Burn the witch
Burn to ash & bone
Burn the witch
Burn to ash & bone
Burn the witch
Burn to ash & bone

(hooooooo, ooohhhhh, hooooooo, oooohhhhhhhh)

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My interpretation: | Reviewer: Eric B. | 12/17/10

First of all; love the song, and the band. Not always the most complex music, but the droning riffs really draw you in, and I can't help but get lost in the music.

Anyways, my thoughts on the meaning of the song are this: I believe that the song is about the Salem witch trials.

The whole thing with the Salem witch trials was that it was 2-3 little girls that were playing with a slave (from the Gulf of Mexico) who was reading their fortunes with voodoo.

Apparently, one of the men walked in on it, but the little girls didn't want to get in trouble for practicing this "devil-worship," and with a slave, no less, so they claimed to be possessed and that the slave was the witch possessing them.

That sure as hell got the town riled up (as most misunderstandings seem to do, for some reason), and though the woman would obviously be killed, the girls didn't want to be in trouble, and just stood there as all this went by.

That's the song to me; it seems like the lyrics describe what's happening to the letter.

I love this band | Reviewer: Scotty | 2/9/08

wow... I only really got into this band about 3 years ago... heard burn the witch from a friend and I love the slow pace and the legendary southern Influence that this song has in it...

It great music for when you stoned, in the mode to party, or just wanna chill...

The final cherry that tops this beautiful cake is the addition of the singer from ZZtop (the guy that sings in background after the main singer says a line)

This band must be one of the most talented bands in the industry and they do a fresh style which most will like, some with love it more then there mom and the retarded part of the population will hate it...

All i know is, they quite big in South Africa... by that I mean, A LOT of people like them... And I'll sell my house just to see them.

rockin' track | Reviewer: katie | 7/26/06

one of my favorite tracks from Queens of the Stone Age. It has a wonderfully dark feel that i love listening to. I wish they'd play it on the radio

Burn The Witch | Reviewer: Sian Josette | 3/15/06

A fantastic track! with a fantastic video to give it more of an edge. This is classic Q.O.T.S.A!
Only really got into the band about two years ago, and am glad that I 'discovered' them. What I love about this band is that they have their own style/sound.

I agree | Reviewer: Croove55 | 6/12/05

This is my favorite song of LtP.Second is Medication, third is Tangled up in the Plaid.

Q*O*T*S*A | Reviewer: Q*O*T*S*A fan | 5/29/05

This is my favourite song off their new album!! It rocks!!:P Q*O*T*S*A RULE THE NEW WORLD!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*