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Clint Black Burn One Down Lyrics

Last updated: 08/08/2000 02:05:56 AM

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I guess you're off to have your fun
Another ending just begun
And I know what I don't see Really shouldn't bother me
So go and have yourself a ball
You'll be at no one's beck and call
And with that fire in your eyes
Another lover's moon will rise
And someone else will take the fall
And that's just the way you are,
I've known all along
Some candles always burn even when the night is gone
But the strongest of flames won't burn eternally
When you find another friend who'll light your candle up again

You can burn one down for me
So you don't matter anymore
I'll convince myself, I'm sure As if I give a damn
That's just the way I am
So go on and pour yourself some wine
With who'll ever spend your time
'Cause anyone can see you won't be crying over me
And you never were that kind


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