Bun B Albums

  • Trill O.G.: The Epilogue Album (11/11/2013)
    The Best Is Back
    No Competition
    Don't Play With Me
    Stop Playin'
    Off Top
    Dippin' & Swervin'
    On One
    The Legendary DJ Screw

  • Trill O.G. Album (8/3/2010)
    Just Like That
    Put It Down
    Right Now
    That's a Song
    Countin' Money
    Lights, Cameras, Action
    I Git Down 4 Mine
    Snow Money
    Ridin' Slow
    Let 'Em Know
    All A Dream
    It's Been A Pleasure
    The Best Is Back
    Untitled Flow (58 Bars)

  • II Trill Album (4/29/2008)
    II Trill
    That's Gangsta
    Damn I'm Cold
    You're Everything
    I Luv That
    Swang On 'Em
    My Block
    Get Cha Issue
    Pop It 4 Pimp
    Good II Me
    Underground Thang
    If I Die II Night
    Another Soldier
    If It Was Up II Me
    Trill Talk
    Angel In The Sky
    II Trill Talk
    Keep It 100
    City Of The Swang
    Some Hoes

  • Thrill Album (11/21/2005)
    The Inauguration
    Get Throwed
    Draped Up
    I'm Fresh
    Trill Recognize Trill
    I'm Ballin
    What I Represent
    The Story
    Hold You Down
    I'm A G
    Git It
    Who Needs A "B"
    Retaliation Is A Must
    Draped Up (H-Town Remix)
    Late Night Creepin'

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    WTF? | Reviewer: Karisa
        ------ About the album Thrill performed by Bun B

    Okay, it isn't to hard to see that the name of the CD is, "Trill," not as you said, "Thrill." I hope that was a *Typo*

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