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Freddie Foxxx's real name is James Campbell and he was born
in 1969 in Westbury, NY.
In 1979 Freddie Foxxx was a member of a group called "Royal
Nation". Freddie Foxxx made his debut on vinyl with a
group called "Supreme Force" in 1986. With that group
Freddie Foxxx released a single called "Co Handlin' Things"
b/w "Come out Fresh" on Nia Records. His name on that
Record was "Freddie C". Freddie Foxxx's debut LP "Freddie
Foxxx is here"was released in 1989 on MCA Records. It
contains tracks like "The Master", "Somebody else bumped More...

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    ------ About the song Lazy!!! performed by Bumpy Knuckles

This loathsome, piece of horse shit, horribly written lyric has officially made me depressed that there are people like you living in this world.

I shake my head to the person who wrote this.

Keep flipping those burgers at McDonald's you dumb-shit-brained fuck!

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