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Ween Bumblebee Part 2 Lyrics

Last updated: 08/16/2007 11:00:00 AM

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Written by: Dean Ween
Performed by: Ween
Album: GodWeenSatan: The Oneness (Anniversary Issue)-2001*

What? Oh, Jesus.
I could hear the echo, the echos, over the world.
I can hear the cold rain.
It's cold out here, Deano.
It's cold out here in the snow.
Let's go,
I gotta come back in.
I gotta come back in.
I gots ta come back in now.
Come on, help me out.
It's cold out here, Deano.
C'mon, open up the door, hunh?
Now, open up the door.
Open up the door, Deano.
C'mon you dick.
Oh, man, oh, man.
It's really cold out here.
I want my clothes back.
Deano! Open up the door, Deano.
Open up the door.
C'mon, yes, ahhh, ah, so much warmer in here.
So much warmer.
Oh, yes. Oh, God.
Hoh, let me close the door here. Hoh.
You fucker!
You fucker, what's the big idea?
(Dude I...]
What's the big idea?
You left me out there
Let me back in.
I wanna put my shirt on.
Let me put my shirt on.
Oh, God.
It's so fuckin' cold out there.
So fuckin' cold out there.
Let me put my shirt on.
It's so cold.
Oh, man.

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