Bullet For My Valentine Lyrics

“Where the fuck have all the riffs gone?”

That's what Matt Tuck wants to know. He and his fellow
Bridgend band-mates have been listening to the radio, going
to shows, and – for the last 7 years – answering that
often-asked question with their own metal-clad minstrelsy
known as 'Bullet for My Valentine' – one of the most
intense acts to come out of Wales since mega-groups Funeral
for a Friend and Lostprophets put that outer-rim of the
musical galaxy on the map. But make no mistake: geography
is where their similarities end. Chalk it More...

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Review about Bullet For My Valentine songs
I never liked this music until... | Reviewer: Lachlan
    ------ About the song Tears Don't Fall performed by Bullet For My Valentine

this song is the song that got me into this genre. before i was all light rock, boring stuff and then a friend played this to me and my world was changed forever! BFMV are legends on the music scene! at least in my eyes they are!

beautiful song | Reviewer: mieze blackcorpse
    ------ About the song Tears Don't Fall performed by Bullet For My Valentine

Some friends are fans of bfmv fanc for long time
i didn't really like the band
but they showed me songs like hand of blood or. Hearts burst into fire
i checked out the lyrics and started thinking about
some day i also was listening bfmv
suddenly my phone rings and the brother of a good friend of mine told me that he died accident by a car crash :'(
exactly when the song tears don't fall played
so this song means a very lot to me and remembers me at him...

fucking awsome | Reviewer: taylor hall
    ------ About the song Pleasure and Pain performed by Bullet For My Valentine

I love bullet for my valentine god i wish I didn't have such a girly name or they wouldn't like me oh well i like the welsh and they're all fit i would dedonatly do a mosh pit with theis guys they're so cool and awesome i love you bullet for my valentine if your reading this xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx fucking love you man

Some more lyrics explanation... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hand Of Blood performed by Bullet For My Valentine

First of all, the music is awesome, the performance and the sounding are outstanding.
Than, okay, let my explanation of the lyrics stand here.
I think the first sentence tells everything needed to be heard to understand the lyrics:
"There goes my valentine again
Soaked in red for what she said" - what pictures that the girl was beaten by her lover, till she started to bleed or worse out of the lover's blind, senseless rage ("theres a pulse and its deafening") fueled by jealousy. And it happened not for the first time ("Oh my god have i done it again"), because the lover cannot control himself ("it's the switch that i flick (when she says)") when it comes to loose any influence on his girlfriend ("I saw you look away"),neither can help the fact that she is scared because of him ("is what i've done too much to take") so he stops at nothing to make her stay, like terrorizing her by physical and mental ways ("are you scared of being nothing?") Or make her not be able to leave at all... ("Hand of blood, i don't wanna feel, my heart is breaking")

*love* | Reviewer: Jeka
    ------ About the song Pretty On The Outside performed by Bullet For My Valentine

"Now I fucking hate you with all of my heart
So just disappear and never will I fear for my life
I just want to be alone,
And never, no never, will I be unhappy alone,"
I take these lines to mean that all though he's made mistakes along his way of life, he'll never be unhappy when faced with himself. People in previous relationships have hurt him and messed him around or lied to him. but, he knows whats truth within himself and that's all that he needs to be happy. He isn't getting his happiness from others and items. He is able to create it within himself and he's not going to let anyone take it from him this time! with her gone, he will no longer need to fear for his life, in a sense his dreams. he wont need to keep himself hidden from the world. he's gained freedom in solitude.

Comments on "Domination" by BFMV | Reviewer: K Tahyao Konyak
    ------ About the song Domination performed by Bullet For My Valentine

I have listen to Domination by Pantera earlier but I think BFMV version is much better and I love it very much. I listen to this song and also many more of BFMV songs everyday and everynight. Hi BFMV, keep on rocking till the end. I like your high and screamo very much. -Crazy fans from Nagaland, India.

Bullet is great | Reviewer: Ariel
    ------ About the song My Fist, Your Mouth, Her Scars performed by Bullet For My Valentine

I like this song but not my fav this guy is pissed lol but I wouldn't like if he hit a girl maybe he should get another girl to do it for him just saying if you we're a girl would you want your boyfriend to hit you or would you rather have a girl hit you ?

Damn | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hand Of Blood performed by Bullet For My Valentine

This is sadizm, you hurting yourself because of feelings about her and when she saw it everthing goes to worst.She will scare probably.You just cant understant what sadizm is, but if you try it, you will understand and you'll loose your mind, also you cant explain that to peoples.All i can say, this isn't hurts when you stab your hands, you don't feeling any pain, and it becomes a painkiller for your mind...

BFMV | Reviewer: NaruGopal
    ------ About the song End performed by Bullet For My Valentine

No offences to BFMV but guys u gotta listen to more Bands across the globe atleast to identify your taste jst like as u have ended up with BFMV. Wont suggest u guys any Bands in particular to lyrics n all..... Keep up the Metal Fire..

Perfect Breakup song. | Reviewer: a7xrubberbaby
    ------ About the song Hit The Floor performed by Bullet For My Valentine

I can totally relate to this song right now. This girl did a number on him and this is the first time he has experienced this kind of pain and thought it would never happen to him. To me he is playing out a scene in his head and in the middle of it hes like "man I didn't think this would happen to me, I want her back" or something like that and then at the end of the song he is done playing out said scene in his head and is saying "I am not going to go though with this. It is just a thought" I don't know. Everyone has a different view of it.

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