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Formed: Boston, 1986.

As the 90s have progressed, Buffalo Tom have grown from
being categorized as another college-rock three-piece of
the Hüsker Dü/ Dinosaur Jr. lineage to critical acceptance
as a genuine force that has somehow eluded the mainstream.
The trio of Bill Janowitz (vocals/guitar), Chris Colbourn
(bass/vocals) and Tom Maginnis (drums) formed at the
University of Massachusetts in the mid-80s and gelled into
a solid unit that has remained unbroken.

Their eponymous first album was released on SST in 1989 and
relied on More...

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i love this song!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Late At Night performed by Buffalo Tom

maybe its because i've been in this situation but everytime i hear this song i think of a boy i knew who had girls sneak into his bedroom at night. he seemed like such a nice guy, really genuine and sensitive then i found out about all these girls he had over and i was slightly shocked. so basically this song reminds me of someone who is a good person and they realize that they're leading a girl(s) on by having them sneak to their house at night and doing god know what. i love tyhe song though. so beautiful.

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