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It’s hard to believe, but at the time of Buddy Holly’s
death at the age of twenty-two he had only been recording
for two years. Yet during the course of his short career he
had written and performed the most progressive music of his
time. Laying the musical foundation for musicians
generations too come.

Buddy (a childhood nickname) was born Charles Hardin Holley
in Lubbock Texas on September 7th, 1936. The “e” in Holly’s
name was dropped due to a spelling error on his first
recording contract. Excited, and not wanting to jeopardize More...

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Review about Buddy Holly songs
CORRECTION | Reviewer: GrandEclectus
    ------ About the song Eath Angel performed by Buddy Holly

This song has NOTHING to do with either Buddy Holly or the Temptations. It was written and performed by The Penguins, in 1956. Writer(s: Curtis Williams (credited);
Jesse Belvin, Gaynel Hodge (uncredited)
It's been covered by many people, but sadly not Buddy or the Tempts...I wish!

Buddy holly sings "earth angel"? | Reviewer: Bruce maurer
    ------ About the song Eath Angel performed by Buddy Holly

I downloaded earth angel, I think from napster. It sounds like buddy holly who has a very distinctive voice and style. But, i can't find any confirmation that it is buddy holly. Any help?

NOT a Holly song! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Eath Angel performed by Buddy Holly

The version that people often seem to think is Performed by buddy Holly, is actually performed by The Temptations. It probably started with a digital download that was shared with an incorrect titling. Buddy Holly NEVER sang this song sorry.

Footprints Filmworks | Reviewer: Omar Abdulla
    ------ About the song Crying, Waiting, Hoping performed by Buddy Holly

Hello, kindly have a glance at the footprints filmworks website...Footprints Filmworks has exclusive interviews with world leaders, celebs, community leaders and presidents...Footprints Filmworks is created by Omar Abdulla...

not errors | Reviewer: James
    ------ About the song True Love Ways performed by Buddy Holly

I think you're incorrect. But it depends on which version you're listening to. I am currently listening to the album version and the above lyrics are exactly correct. Buddy Holly had a very clear way of singing. You can dispute it, but its pretty obvious what he's saying.

Errors | Reviewer: Janice
    ------ About the song True Love Ways performed by Buddy Holly

I think you have two words of the lyrics incorrect. It should be "and YOU'LL know why....". And "will bring us JOY (not joys) to share...". This is from listening to the record 5 gazillion times and having sung it in bands for 40 years. Listen to the record and see what you think. I'm just saying............

Back to the future | Reviewer: ???
    ------ About the song Eath Angel performed by Buddy Holly

Yeah this song is off Back to the Future, its credited to Marvin and the starlighters. It's really confusing, everyone seems to think this is a Buddy Holly song, i'm not sure. But still, I really like this song anyway.

A Holly song ? think not. | Reviewer: Ray
    ------ About the song Eath Angel performed by Buddy Holly

Have been a holly fan for over 50 years have never known of buddy singing Eath Angel/ Earth Angel.Are you shure he has done this song ?.It would be great news if its true as all us Holly fans have only been trickle fed info for the last 50 years.

Buddy Holly Smokey Joe's Cafe | Reviewer: Walter Sturm
    ------ About the song Smokey Joe's Cafe performed by Buddy Holly

A real extraordinary performance by Buddy Holly, not very typical for him but reflecting his ability to deal with very different music styles (like the Beatles also did). In fact, one of my favorite tracks and I really would like to know a little bit more on its history (only scarce informations on the disc and cover).

commercial music | Reviewer: george bates
    ------ About the song Take Your Time performed by Buddy Holly

gentle ,melodic with organ playing,almost like another of his songs
:valley of tears mailman bring no more blues all fantastic ghb nassau
hold on tight by e.l.o. for honda is excellant

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