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It’s hard to believe, but at the time of Buddy Holly’s death at the age of twenty-two he had only been recording for two years. Yet during the course of his short career he had written and performed the most progressive music of his time. Laying the musical foundation for musicians generations too come.

Buddy (a childhood nickname) was born Charles Hardin Holley in Lubbock Texas on September 7th, 1936. The “e” in Holly’s name was dropped due to a spelling error on his first recording contract. Excited, and not wanting to jeopardize his contract, he simply signed his name as Buddy Holly.

Buddy performed during his teen years with close friend Bob Montgomery. Billing themselves as Buddy and Bob they performed local events throughout Lubbock, Texas. It was after opening a show for Elvis Presley at a local gig in 1955 that Buddy knew exactly what he wanted to do.

Success didn’t come until Holly formed his new group, the Crickets, which consisted of Jerry Allison on drums, Niki Sullivan on guitar and Joe Maudlin on Bass. The Crickets recorded “That’ll Be The Day” in the Clovis, New Mexico studios of producer Norman Petty. The record hit the top of the charts in September of 1957.

The group continued their success with songs such as “Oh Boy” and “Peggy Sue.” Buddy, however, was growing restless, and in the fall of 1958 he split with the Crickets and Norman Petty. He married Maria Santiago and relocated to Greenwich Village in New York City. In October of that same year Holly recorded “True Love Ways and “It doesn’t matter anymore.” The songs were powerful and filled with promise. Sadly, Buddy would never realize their potential.

In January of 1959, Buddy, along with Ritchie Valens, the Big Bopper and other acts embarked on what was billed as the winter dance party. Holly, Valens, the Bopper and their pilot perished en route to a performance when their four-seat chartered plane crashed shortly after take off from Mason City Iowa on February 3rd. It was a terrible tragedy, as Don Mclean hauntingly put it in his 1971 hit “ The day the music died.”

Buddy may have died in that plane crash, but his music most certainly did not die. His influence can be felt in all forms of popular music today. Still, one can’t help but wonder what changes might have occurred in music if Buddy hadn’t chartered a plane on that fateful day. Sadly, We will never know.

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Buddy Holly-Best Musician Ever To Live | Reviewer: Kathleen | 8/14/12

I thank Buddy Holly and The Crickets for putting this beautiful sound on this earth. I praise the brilliance of the writing and the composition is easy enough to play, yet so fantastic. These are not enough words to describe how amazing Buddy's music is and how it has changed the world. If not for Buddy Holly and The Crickets I would be so very sad and so very alone, when I hear `Peggy Sue' or `Rave On' I feel like dancing. Buddy Holly will forever live on in our hearts!

the greatest of them all | Reviewer: robert mann | 1/22/11

Like many tennagers at the time, I became a Buddy Holly fan after hearing his first posthumous release "It doesn't matter anymore" composed by Paul Anka, and from then on I began collecting all his recordings. What I found was gold ! Elvis may have been the superstar mainly because of his looks and sex appeal, but where music was concerned, for me he was no match for Buddy. Buddy's apparently simple songs are so moving ! All in that inimitable style and with such mastery of phrasing that Elvis with all due respect never possessed. Buddy's music is unique and eternal !

Buddy best ever Buddy | Reviewer: Fred Dickson | 7/6/10

Buddy has featured in my life and the life of my friends.He is always with us , his music is timeless, will never date and will forever inspire young and old alike.

His lyrics are simple,profound and beautiful a lasting legacy destined to inspire ,excite and enthrall. A short life - a cosmic impact on the world of popular music.

The greatest artist in the 50's | Reviewer: Bob Albertsen | 9/1/08

A lot of people consider Elvis Presley the greatest artist ever. They are right exept from one. Buddy Holly. He was the greates in the 50's. Sadley he left this planet to earley.
I will always remember his music with love in my heart.
Take care Buddy

Legacy and loss | Reviewer: David | 12/3/07

Had Buddy not died, Elvis would have never become the King. Buddy was the greatest Rock 'n Roll singer of all time.

Buddy Holly: Musical Genius | Reviewer: Cogs | 8/31/07

Buddy Holly may have only had a short life, and and an even shorter music career yet it was extremely influential.
In my early teens I began to develop a real love for Rock 'n' Roll music and that is when I discovered Buddy. The 1970's were well upon us and the music left me largely unfulfilled and still does.
Buddy Holly was a musical innovator and improviser as well as a composer. He had the sounds in his head and would try anything to get them into the material world for all to enjoy. Many new sounds and mixes came to be due to his musical ideas and inhibitions; all in the pre-electronic era. Sounds such as mixing classical instruments with electric guitars, recording in an empty grain silo to obtain a reverberating sound and from very soft love ballads to full on dance songs, he tried and achieved them all.
No one other singer/song writer has been of such inspiration as he has to so many of the greats to follow after him.
I am now 45 years old and my 8 year old daughter played an old Buddy Holly cassette of mine a couple of years ago and after listening to "Rock Around With Ollie Vee" become instantly hooked on him. Such is his musical charisma.
This is the legacy he has left behind. He may have died but his music will always be alive.
The world is a much brighter place due to this young mans passion and desire to make music for all to enjoy.
That is the musical genius of Buddy Holly.

new fan | Reviewer: Deb | 6/1/07

i never really got into the older music...but when i moved in with my boyfriend....he loves buddy...so of course i have grown to love him too!! :D

Buddy Holly | Reviewer: Sarah Niesel | 5/24/07

Buddy Holly was the greatest 'rock n' roll' star of his time. This year, in australia in school, we're having a musical.. 'The Buddy Holly Story'. We perform in 7 days exactly from today. It's going on really well, and the person who is playing buddy holly really does look like buddy holly and sounds like him and that's great! haha
.. The big bopper part and richie valens parts are the best parts as it's really entetaining.. ''HELLO BABY!!''do i what?, will i what? OH BABY you KNOW what I lIKE!, chantily lace and a pretty face and a pony tail hanging down, a wiggle in her walk and a giggle in her talk, makes the world go round, there aint nothing lika big eye girl, make me act so funny, spend my money, feel really loose like a long headed goose, BABY that's WHAT I LIKE... haha..eeveryone should listen or at least hear or this artist.

i love buddy | Reviewer: chelsie wandzilak | 4/12/07

i love buddy so much! his music is great and i love him. i actually have 52 pictures of him, i just can't get enough! i love him to death!

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