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“We’re into all those naughty pleasures nobody likes to
talk about,” says Buckcherry guitarist Keith Nelson. “We
were living and breathing rock ‘n’ roll when it wasn’t in
style, and 10 years from now, when it’s out of style again,
we’ll still be doing it.” Adds singer Joshua Todd: “For a
while there, it wasn’t cool to be happy about sex because
people were terrified by it. Now, people have been dealing
with AIDS for a while and they’ve learned how to live with
it and be sexy again—they’re not afraid to express their
dirty little More...

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Review about Buckcherry songs
I'm loving it!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Crazy Bitch performed by Buckcherry

I've just got into Buckcherry after clicking on the video for this song on YouTube - it's in yer face kick ass rock and roll!!! None of this lame so called "rock" music that you hear in the charts nowadays (not mentioning any names Coldplay!!) it's old school rock with attitude, great vocals and dirty guitars! It's so refreshing to hear a band like this - I've listened to Lit Up, Sorry and Everything too and they are just as awesome!! PS to Anonymous 7/24/13 reviewer you sound almost jealous that YOU didn't write and produce this song! The fact that you call everyone fuck heads because you know that you will piss everyone off by your comments says it all really - jealous asshole I think, are you in a band that didn't make it?!! Caus this band did!.....

SUCKS | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Crazy Bitch performed by Buckcherry


pointless things | Reviewer: chfhfh
    ------ About the song Sorry performed by Buckcherry

Apparently, this is a perfect place to complain about your relationship problems - a lyrics site.
Please see a counselor, or talk to someone on the internet, instead of crying in the comments at the bottom of a lyrics webpage. What do you think is going to happen if you post your problems here? Someone will take pity on you?

Just thought I'd say that :) please talk to a friend or counselor.

Obviously they did not intend for your child to hear it... | Reviewer: Yes, I am a girl
    ------ About the song Crazy Bitch performed by Buckcherry

Love this song, always have. Don't care if it's about a specific girl or a prostitute etc. Just think it is a great song and who gives a rats ass if people don't wnt heir kids to hear it. If you don't want them to listen to it change the station... And yeah, I'm a crazy bitch.

<3 | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song Sorry performed by Buckcherry

I have someone so special in my life that ive hurt so many times and told him things i now regret this song reminds me of when we were not together and the times ive hurt him and i can relate to this song word to word. i now realize he is the love of my life thankfully he forgave me all the times and now we r happy together and we plan on staying that way.

Disgrace! | Reviewer: Ami
    ------ About the song Crazy Bitch performed by Buckcherry

This is just the type of mentality we should have out there... you know, so when our kids turn on the radio, they see just how twisted people have become... and they can learn from a young age to disrespect themselves, and women in general. The way you treat women, is the way you treat the world. The way you treat the world, is how you make the world.

broken-hearted girl | Reviewer: irene
    ------ About the song Sorry performed by Buckcherry

I dated this one guy for 6 months.. we had on and off fights he'd end up calling me the worst things and he was always stuck on my past because when we first started dating i kept in touch with other guy friends i had crushes on.. we had good times as well as bad but wed always make up it turned into a constant cycle.. hed be the best and then it would all turn into hell.. after breaking up one night he drove to my house saying he couldnt be without me bc he loved me so much he had to have me by his side.. i was shocked he had asked me that but me i was in love and it was so many emotions all at once like he was gonna take me away and take care of me.. We moved in together and stayed together another year with on and off fights.. i gained 40 lbs had a jealous boyfriend.. We decided to get married because we were living in sin.. So after a year and a half together we did get married in the local court house just us and his mom as a witness... Things seemed to be good until he started to be shady go out with friends and ignore me.. One night after 6 months of marriage he tells me hes been cheating and to get out of his life he threw my clothes at me and i left to live at his moms house within time i moved back with my parents i started to work at a school and make good money after 3 months i filled for divorce i felt i was capable of going thru with the process i felt good i had lost 30 lbs gotten into shape made new friends and felt independent.. As for him during those 3 months he got himself in debt went thru 2 girlfriends and got a felony charge.. i went and bailed him out i didnt want him to lose his job - a movie theatre.. He started to change even tho he would have sporatic anger attacks id stick around.. One night i received a txt from a friend i used to talk to saying do u miss me bc i miss u ..my husband read it and flipped he called me the worst things and i feel like even tho he shouls sing me this song for everything i been thru now i feel like i messed up things even tho i didnt reply and had already stopped talking to that guy and had told him to stop...
we are still together its been now 2 and a half years..

I miss you | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sorry performed by Buckcherry

I'm sorry. I know it was the right decision to break up with you, but it's so hard.

The hardest part about leaving is you is knowing eventually you won't care. The hardest part about leaving you is knowing you're already not there. In a way, I hate everything relating to us. And in a way, I love it more than anything.

real men | Reviewer: Sarah
    ------ About the song Sorry performed by Buckcherry

i just wanna know how it is so easy for that sexy man to sing his guts out, but our men cant seem to even SAY the words sorry when they r wrong... if they would just admit to their mistakes alot of times, we wouldnt get so pissy and fight with them....

you know it hurts. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sorry performed by Buckcherry

You don't even know what it's like to see your face after what you did to me. Wanna be with a teenage mom who's baby isn't even yours that's cool have a nice life. I can't even believe you can tell me you don't love me after a year and half together of being happy and satin we'd live together. I PLANNED MY FUCKING FUTURE AROUND YOU, AROUND US! fuckin dick.

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