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“We’re into all those naughty pleasures nobody likes to talk about,” says Buckcherry guitarist Keith Nelson. “We were living and breathing rock ‘n’ roll when it wasn’t in style, and 10 years from now, when it’s out of style again, we’ll still be doing it.” Adds singer Joshua Todd: “For a while there, it wasn’t cool to be happy about sex because people were terrified by it. Now, people have been dealing with AIDS for a while and they’ve learned how to live with it and be sexy again—they’re not afraid to express their dirty little minds.” With Lit Up (due in 1999 on DreamWorks Records) serving as their calling card, Buckcherry may well be the much-needed black eye on the woe-is-me musical outlook of the 90’s. Ditching contrived angst in favor of streetwise attitude and rowdy fun, the 11-track disc spews a glorious blast of trashy garage punk and whiskey-drenched rock swagger. Producers Terry Date (Pantera, Soundgarden, White Zombie) and Steve Jones (of the Sex Pistols) helped Lit Up a short fused scorcher reminiscent of Buckerry’s combustible live show. “Steve Jones is a rock ‘n’ roll animal.” Nelson testifies. “He brings an amazing vibe. This record wouldn’t be what it is without him. Also working with Terry brought out the heavier side of us. There’s an immediacy, an attack, an explosion when we play live, and I think Terry captured that.” Buckcherry formed in Los Angeles during the summer of 1995 when Nelson and Todd met through their tattoo artist. The duo hammered out a few demo tapes on a cheap four-track recorder, drawing on influences as diverse as KISS and Smokey Robinson for inspiration. “I used to listen to punk rock and then got turned on to Prince and Billy Idol.” Todd explains. “I always had this weird mix of music going on, but it was the best of all worlds.” The band was completed by bassist Jonathan (J.B.) Brightman, drummer Devon Glenn and guitarist Yogi. J.B. met Todd and Nelson at a downtown Los Angeles rehearsal space. He’d been listening to them through the wall and was intrigued by what he heard. Glenn’s arrival, too, seemed fated—he was the first and last drummer the group considered. Yogi is a more recent addition, but his diverse musical background clicked immediately with that of the other members. He was also quick to join in his new mates’ collective approach to songwriting. With assistance from Hollywood recording studio owner Bruce Bouillette, the fledgling band gained invaluable experience and encouragement and was soon generating a buzz around LA thanks to a heavily bootlegged demo tape and a swelling reputation as a must-see live act. “I was always inspired by live performance,” says Todd. “The energy loud music gives me allows me to get out what’s inside of me. I like to dance. This band is all about movement, garb and style. It’s all about ripping your fucking head off.” And the name? “Our LA shows were getting packed,” Nelson recalls, “and there was this transvestite name Buckcherry who always used to bum cigarettes off me outside the shows. He was a nice buy, but a complete Hollywood freak.” Which, to Buckcherry, is a good thing. Joshua Todd (vocals) Keith Nelson (guitar) Yogi (guitar) Jonathan (J.B.) Brightman (bass) DeVon Glenn (drums) Bio Courtesy of DreamWorks Records

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Old School Cool as it gets!!!! | Reviewer: Tennessee Bob | 7/31/14

This is a belated review but nevertheless, I saw Buckcherry in Tampa on their tour of the album 15.
We were tailgating in the parking lot under a shade tree waiting for buckcherry the headliner toplay. It was a super hot July day! When we heard Buckcherry crank up we walked in just before they debuted their single, Crazy Bitch. It was like watching a zombie fest. People were passed out on the ground from the heat, and free bottled water was being handed out! Then Joshua Todd started talking to the crowd about cocaine. By the time Lit Up was sung and Crazy Bitch cranked up, everyone was picking themselves up off the ground like Zombies coming back to life! I have never seen such a response from any crowd. The whole place came back to life and the energy was incredible despite the draining heat!
My 5 year old son was conceived that summer and I have been a die hard fan ever since!
Buckcherry reminds me of a cross between ACDC and The Black Crowes. Being an old school 80's kid I am taken back every time. I have every album except Black Butterfly which is not on iTunes.

THE GUYS WERE GOLDEN AT THE OAK | Reviewer: UFO Sammy | 2/6/14

Saw them just recently, JAN 25 WINNIPEG at the OAK, and they were superb. Energy galore just like a bottle of 5 HR. But enjoyed it all as they gave they're all in less than 2 HR. Excellent musicians with a great live sound!

Great guys and they truly care about rock and its history | Reviewer: Brian of Pennsylvania | 9/2/13

These guys showed up and put on a great show for a great charity! At Coneaut Lake Park, an arsonist is burning history down, and Buckcherry along with Girl On Fire, and some other more local bands put on a great show to help rebuild this great park on Coneaut Lake, thank you from just one concerned Pennsylvanian! Thank you for your donations also! I have seen them in July and September and both shows were different but great! Thank you!

Newbie Crazy Bitch | Reviewer: Alexis | 10/11/10

Well.....Buckcherry is my new favorite band. I went to my very first rock concert on October 10th in Little Rock, my birthday to see 3 days Grace and Nickelback mostly, didnt know much at all about the "other guys." OH MY DAMN something about Josh Todd's performance changed everything and I spen the whole day today searching for ALL their cd's and only found one. All Night Long. I now know that buckcherry should very well be the next TOP BAND because if they arent I will personally whoop someone's ass. :)

Small town Buckcherry played | Reviewer: Cherie` | 9/4/10

I was amazed that they came to Butte, Montana. Home town of Evil Knievil. They gave a wonderful show at the Butte Civic Center. Josh and Keith were real people after the show. My daughter Haley and her friend Nicole got to speak to them and have a photo taken. These guys life line is through their music and lyrics. Great bunch of guys. Thanks

Hell Yea! | Reviewer: Anna | 6/19/08

I love buckcherry! I have been to one of their conters and they now how to ROCK!!!!!(can't spell)LOL. Any way they r an amazing group and they can't help it if sex and drugs are on their minds 24/7. Just like me!

Name... | Reviewer: Anon | 5/4/07

Actually, I had always heard that they got their name from a transvestite named "Buck Cherry" who would bum cigarettes from them after gigs in LA.

Wikipedia supports that idea... www.wikipedia.org

Crazy Bitch | Reviewer: Leon Point | 3/24/06

What is the origin for the bands name "Buckcherry"?
And anyone know what the impetus created the music and lyrics to "Crazy Bitch"?

Could be the answer to both is:

Waay more than mere coincidence explains the similarities between the names Buckcherry and Chuck Berry and their songs. Uh hum..and the rock icon is?

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