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Buck-O-Nine formed in 1991 in San Diego, Ca. We toured the USA, Japan, Canada, Australia and the UK extensively from 1994 - 2001. We have decided to mellow out for while and enjoy our lives at home in San Diego. We still play shows for fun and have re-connected with the positive, fun vibe that the band originated from.

We are putting together a detailed history of the band for those of you who are interested in who, what, where, when and why. Until that is completed here's a quick version for you.


1991 - Band forms from jam sessions in Scott's (original bass player) father's electrician shop. The first songs were covers of Dead Milkmen songs.

1992 - Permanent lineup of Buck-O-Nine is complete, thanks to the local newspaper "The Reader". The lineup is - Anthony on trumpet, Craig on sax, Dan on trombone, Jon as the singer, Jonas on guitar, Scott on Bass and Steve on Drums. We started playing shows all over San Diego, LA, Riverside and OC. We sold copies of our demo tape "Buck Naked"

1993 - We Continued to play shows all around San Diego and SoCal and Branched out to play in Vegas, Salt Lake City, Arizona, Fresno, Sacto and more places within a day drive of San Diego. We record the first Buck-O-Nine 7inch record that was nick named "California" or "The license plate record." The cover had a picture of Scott's California license plate which said "KeyBree."

1994 - After playing anywhere we could for whatever we could get, (including a wedding and a winter formal), we finally saved up enough dough to record our first record, "Songs in the Key of Bree." It was first released on a local label called Immune, but then we released it on Taang records and started touring our asses off.

1995 - Extensive touring and somehow we found enough time to record our second record "Barfly," released on Taang Records. I think we finally made it to Japan in 95.

1996 - More of the same. Touring like crazy and getting the word out. We released a 5 song EP called "Water in My Head" on Taang, which spawned the single of the same name. It helped get us alot of exposure and keep touring.

1997 - We released our 3rd full length album called "twenty eight teeth," on TVT Records. We continued to tour our asses off and found our album lodge itself into the top 200 of Billboard. Woo hoo. Our singles "My Town" and "Round Kid" got a lot of airplay on the radio too. What a trip for 7 haggard guys from San Diego!

1998 - More touring everywhere. Our original drummer Steve bailed. We hit Japan and Australia hard. Recorded our album "Libido." Jeff joins the band on drums.

1999 - "Libido" is released. Our original Bass player Scott leaves. Jon Bell joins on bass. More touring all over the place.

2000 - present. Our live album "Hellos and Goodbyes" is released. We tapered off on the touring because we were getting burnt out.

2001 - now. Last tour was a successful tour of the UK in 2001. John Bell left the band before the the UK jaunt in 2001 and we replaced him with Andy, our current Bass player. We continue to play shows around SoCal for fun, and continue to work on new material.

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