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I wish I could Bubble Wrap my heart,
In case I fall and break apart,
I'm not God, I can't change the stars,
And I don't know if there's life on Mars,
But I know you're hurt,
People that you love and those who care for you,
I want nothing to do with the things you're going through.

This is the last time,
I give up this heart of mine,
I'm telling you that I'm
A broken man who's finally realised.
You're standing in moonlight,
But you're black on the inside,
Who do you think you are to cry?
This is goodbye.

I'm a little dazed and confused,
Life's a bitch and so are you.
All my days have turned into nights,
'Cause living without, without, without you in my life.
And you wrote the book on how to be a liar,
And lose all your friends,
Did I mean nothing at all?
Was I just another ghost that's been in your bed?

'Cause this is the last time,
I give up this heart of mine,
I'm telling you that I'm
A broken man who's finally realised.
You're standing in moonlight,
But you're black on the inside,
Who do you think you are to cry?
This is goodbye.

Turn on the radio honey,
'Cause every single sad song you'll be able to relate!
This one I dedicate.
Whoa oh!
Don't get all emotional baby,
You can never talk to me, you're unable to communicate!

This is the last time,
I give up this heart of mine,
I'm telling you that I'm
A broken man who's finally realised...

This is the last time,
I give up this heart of mine,
I'm telling you that I'm
A broken man who's finally realised.
You're standing in moonlight,
But you're black on the inside,
Who do you think you are to cry?
This is goodbye.

This is goodbye.

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'Life's a bitch and so are you' | Reviewer: Luna | 4/15/13

I love this song.

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Bubble Wrap for my Boxes | Reviewer: Jordan | 10/3/12

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True Potential | Reviewer: Carl | 8/8/09

their first 3 albums are brilliant and ive been lucky enought to see them 3 times and meet them at a HMV signing. their newest album radio active is brilliant because finnaly they are playing the music they want to rather than the more pop rock they had to play under their old label. guys you are getting it majorly right keep it up :)

Bubble Wrapped? | Reviewer: Samiie | 7/2/09

I do love mcfly of corse i do but, (ah yes the dreading but) i think that their music has been Bubble Wrapped. what in think mcfly lovers and non-lovers need is a bit of wild mcfly and that why i was really happy when Radio-Active came out and that is one of m favouret albums. Love You Guys Come Back To NEWCASTLE WOOP YEAH GEORDIES ARE THU BEST!!!

mcfly<3 | Reviewer: jillian | 3/7/09

i love this song! i sang it in high speed and it really tests your vocals luckiley all the singing along i do with mcfly has given me a good voice, love them they are amazin people and funny.

-From the American

awesome *.* | Reviewer: stef<3 | 11/7/08

Hey to everyone out there,
i see here's a lil comment from germany needed.
waaaah i just love & adore mcfly & their music. as some of you already have mentioned it's not only their music making them special. being so natural & themselves is the best thing about them next to their music *.*
i love bubblewrap, the lyrics, the whole song is just beautiful & can mean so much, simply in love with it xD
sooo.. one last thing:
mcfly *.* come to germany
we're waiting for you
god bless
stef <3

Ana | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/08

Hi, I'm from Portugal and I really love mcfly's music. My favourite is transylvania, but this music has an amazing message for everyone. Well, every music from mcfly has a message... And that's one reason for love them! They love what they do, they have an incredible voice, they know how to play and they never forget to be themselves (funny, smart, just McFly :)) Love them!!
Come to Portugal!
I'll be waiting"""
Best wishes,

EEEK ITS MCFLY! | Reviewer: Clarissa<3 | 3/6/08

This is an AMAZING song. Recently I've been playing it over and over. McFly is truely a GREAT band. I love them! I totally think McFly should come to the US! I'd LOVE to meet them! *hint hint* Chicagooo! xD

i absolutly love mcfly | Reviewer: jasmine | 1/3/08

i love this song its my favourite one they have written!!!!!!!!i love tom he is the cutest there i love they way he only has one dimple!!!!!!!!!!
mcfly please come to galway

bubble wrap | Reviewer: mrs. jones ♥ | 11/28/07

omg! i totaly luv this soong!
i think is one of the best theyve writen :)
and i luv danny, he's like the hottest person alive
pleeaase come 2 argentina soon, but i know they never will :(

c yaa,

love,love,love them. | Reviewer: Lauren | 11/20/07

omg this song is simply amazing.
well actually all of their songs are. :]
life's a bitch and so are you - i love that line and dannys voice. <3

awesome song | Reviewer: sou | 11/18/07

mcfly had great lyrics... i love them... i always listen to this song when i'm ill or i had bad luck... it's the right song for that...
<3 dougie <3

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