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With a career spanning over 20 years and worldwide album
sales that rival the biggest recording artists in the
world, Bryan Adams's "I'm just the bass player in the band"
attitude seems rather simple, compared to his career
achievements, but that's just how he is.

His songs have achieved #1 status all over the world, and
his career has seen some amazing recordings with other
music legends from around the world. He holds the record
for the longest running #1 single in British music history
with his hit "(Everything I Do) I Do It For More...

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Review about Bryan Adams songs
Reviewer |25/09/2014 | Reviewer: Generalsammy
    ------ About the song Summer Of '69 performed by Bryan Adams

I'm under 25, honestly, i've grown 2 lyk dis song. I mean since when my brother introduced me 2 it. Bryan is a wonderful singer. I see every bit of fun of the 80's from dis music. I must confess, the music of 2day is nothing 2 be compared to the classics of the 80's. I nid more of dis Bryan... Gud work

No, not THAT Diana! | Reviewer: JSG
    ------ About the song Diana performed by Bryan Adams

Unless he has since recanted his earlier denials, This song had no connection to the famous Princess apart from the coincidence of the common female first name Diana. I believe him that he just picked that name because it worked well with the cadence of the lyrics. I mean whichever name he picked, it was going to also belong to somebody famous by chance. Wasn't he dating a series of fashion models back then? Pay attention - the story is about some catwalk model, not the Lady who would have been not yet engaged to "Chuckles" back when the lyrics were being penned.

He just changed the name to protect the guilty and accidentally cursed the song to be forever associated with a completely other person which got it banned in places and made him sick of talking about the non-story (can you blame him? - I think he never played it in concert afterwards). It was released as a cassette single back in the day, between regular studio album releases. It also appeared on a hits collection along the way, if I recall.

It's impossible to prove a non-existent truth that you made up yourself. Poor guy (Not!) Decent song though.

straight from my heart | Reviewer: JR Evergreen chiru
    ------ About the song Straight From The Heart performed by Bryan Adams

Very thnkful 4 da lyric
Everyday i listen da most heartful song of da famous canadian singer namely Bryam Adams. I fel amusing and marvelous 2 him. More and more singer 4 future world so may Gud bless him.

everything i do by bryan adams | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Everything I Do performed by Bryan Adams

its touchy what a lovely song it takes an art of genuis to make a beutiful song like this i derive wholeloat of pleasure listining to it and remind me of my past joyful experience jundu fat

Good song | Reviewer: Paul_
    ------ About the song Summer Of '69 performed by Bryan Adams

Well I'm 15 now and was born in 98 and grew up on classical music such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Rush, Peter Gabriel, Ect... And now younger people are being introduced to 60's 70's and 80's music I think just maybe the 2000's generation may have some potential when it comes to musical careers. Though I could be wrong. Let's wait a few years and see where we get

This song make me miss you so much. | Reviewer: PimLoveFester
    ------ About the song Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? performed by Bryan Adams

Just want to let you know"I am crying"I still remember everything about us.You alway sing this song for me.I want to see your face again and listen you sings this song.How do I ? I can not stop love you.T_T

Personally... | Reviewer: Ashlin
    ------ About the song Get Off My Back performed by Bryan Adams

I love the song! There's something in it that just says "piss off", you know? In this song, I think they're trying to say "you think you're better than me but you're reaaly not". I wish I could sing this song to my mother. Sometimes she's just won't "Get Off My Back"!

i dont know | Reviewer: Bel
    ------ About the song Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? performed by Bryan Adams

when i heard this song i said its really comming on the proper time cause i start my love relation and she left she need to be alone i dont know if ill keep loving this song or ill stop like it with her ending......

Love returns | Reviewer: Webby
    ------ About the song I Will Always Return performed by Bryan Adams

This song gives me good memories of such... a life I live with a girl i knew, a girl I loved, a girl I dreamed of, a girl that became my life, a girl that I left, a girl almost took away my life the day she left me, a girl that I went back to find, and most of all, a girl that I'll never let go for the rest of time... I love much with all my heart...

Its my dream | Reviewer: Jack
    ------ About the song Everything I Do performed by Bryan Adams

I can never and ever forget this song...this is my love,and its my promisess words to my sweet heart,whenever she's away i used to keep remain with this song... its my dream, 'jack'

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