Bruce Springsteen Lyrics

BORN: September 23, 1949, Freehold, NJ

"The Boss" hit the music industry with the release of his
first album Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J., in 1973. The
Wild, the Innocent, and The E Street Shuffle quickly
followed this release. The albums received critical claim
with comparisons to Bob Dylan, but did not sell well with
the fans. Bruce Springsteen's career had begun.

Springsteen was born in Freehold, New Jersey, on September
23, 1949. He grew up in a "normal middle class family" and
first started playing around with the guitar in More...

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Review about Bruce Springsteen songs
-- | Reviewer: olsonUSMC
    ------ About the song Born In The U.S.A. performed by Bruce Springsteen

Your all trying way too hard to figure this out. This song is about whatever you want it to be. I personally believe he's just telling a general story of your typical Vietnam war vet and the struggles through their life.

You're right... | Reviewer: malbuff
    ------ About the song Rosalita performed by Bruce Springsteen

... it probably should be "Women use the door." Guess I missed that one. There are many lyric sites out there that have posted totally butchered versions of this song, and I did my best to set the record straight. Thanks for catching that one. BTW, I love y'all's reviews, they are wonderful! This song is Bruce's finest moment IMO.

Heart starts pumpin... | Reviewer: Tree
    ------ About the song Rosalita performed by Bruce Springsteen

Every time I hear the opening of this song, it's like having my heart defribbed. It just gets me going. It's a song that you will never say "I've heard it too many times" or "overplayed." Forget Born in the USA or Born to run.....this song is my Bruce classic that will never get old.

Cleveland Agora,1973 | Reviewer: pammalamma
    ------ About the song Rosalita performed by Bruce Springsteen

Cleveland's WMMS started playing TW,TI& the E Street Shuffle album as soon as it was released in the fall of '73. I couldn't get enough of it: I learned all the lyrics to Rosalita & Kitty's Back overnight. When I heard the E Street Band was coming to play during WMMS' Small Hall Concert Series at the Agora, I called all my friends, got somebody's parents' station wagon reserved for the night & set the date: WE WERE GOING.
Well, we arrived that Friday night a few minutes late because THE E Street Band had already started playing, so we ran up to our seats, first row balcony, and I sang every song with Bruce and the Boys, while a lot of people just sat there AND STARED at me. I knew the set was coming to an end because they'd played everything but Rosalita, and when that started, I jumped to my feet, dancing and singing at the top of my lungs right along with The Boss and about 14 other people downstairs who were doing the same in the front row. Screaming for more, while people continued to stare at me, The E Street Band took their bows and the curtain s closed. Then the headline band-Wishbone Ash-took the stage (and answered a lot of MY questions) and after 3 chords of their first song, I looked over at my friends and said, "Cmon,kids. We're going home. We've already seen THE SHOW!"
I was 16 then/ 57 now and I'll tell ya: some thrills are NEVER duplicated.

Draft dodger | Reviewer: Bruce-hater
    ------ About the song Born In The U.S.A. performed by Bruce Springsteen

Bruce was more or less a draft dodger. Although he went to his induction, he had made up his mind that he was not going to Vietnam and acted crazy to get out of going. So to say he's singing about his life leading up to and after Vietnam, is an ignorant comment in itself.

Rosalita Quin was born in 2011 | Reviewer: Rosie's Mama
    ------ About the song Rosalita performed by Bruce Springsteen

I named my youngest Rosalita, we call her Rosa, because it was the only derivation of Rose that I could NOT find in any baby book. So, it pleased me to know there would not be 20 other kids at her school with the same name.
Only after I had settled on the name did I look elsewhere for it. That was when I discovered this song. It was amazing and I was proud to have my baby linked to the BOSS in such a way. I'm so surprised I didn't discover it sooner in my life, but some things just work out that way. :-)

The story of workers who were declared expendable | Reviewer: John Prestwick
    ------ About the song Youngstown performed by Bruce Springsteen

Springsteen was inspired to write the song after reading Dale Maharidge's 1985 book "Journey to Nowhere: The Saga of the New Underclass". The line "Those big boys did what Hitler couldn't do" paraphrases a line in the book, when two steel workers are looking through the rubble of a steelworks.

Youngstown is located in the "Rust Belt" region that was once the industrial heartland of America, but since the 1970s its once-powerful steel industry has collapsed. The "My Sweet Jenny" of the song actually refers to the Jeanette Blast Furnance in Youngstown, which was taken off blast in 1977 and demolished a few years after the song was released.

Blast furnaces covert iron ore into "pig iron" by blasting it with superheated air and adding carbon. This can then be converted into steel by burning off the excess carbon. "Taconite" is a type of iron ore, "coke" (carbon) is used to convert the iron oxide into iron through chemical displacement and "limestone" is also added to remove impurities. A "scarfer" is someone who torches the steel to remove imperfections, a rather dangerous job.

The song broadens in the penultimate verse to mention other regions affected by the decline of the American steel industry: the Monongahela Valley (located in the area south of Pittsburgh), the Mesabi range in Minnesota and Appalachia. This line was actually taken from the 1945 film The Valley of Decision. The lines "Now sir you tell me the world's changed / Once I made you rich enough / Rich enough to forget my name" are the protagonist addressing the owners of the steel plants.

I wanted Mary | Reviewer: Clyde Coronado
    ------ About the song Thunder Road performed by Bruce Springsteen

...but I didn't have a chance to be with her for more than 30 years later. Married, content but not caring. Mary came back into my life. I sing this song for her when I play, but mostly when sitting on her front porch (when HER loser husband is out running around, drinking and never leaving his hometown)

Poet laureate | Reviewer: Tim from Trenton
    ------ About the song 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) performed by Bruce Springsteen

The world needs poets like Bruce who can capture the essence of their times so that those times live on for all of us. If this song didn't make you cry before then just think of Danny Federici as he squeezes his hauntingly lovely melodies from his accordion. Long live The Boss as his words and music will live forever.

Slight variation | Reviewer: Clarke
    ------ About the song Old Dan Tucker performed by Bruce Springsteen

To my memory, these lyrics are nearly perfect, except for the chorus. When my teacher taught my class, the chorus I learned went:
"get out the way of old Dan Tucker! He's too late to get his supper. Suppers over and breakfast cookin, old Dan Tucker just stands there lookin"

Whether that's correct or not I don't know, but that's how I learned it as a kid back in the early 90's lol.

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