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Sarah Jarosz Broussard's Lament Lyrics

Last updated: 02/21/2014 06:48:00 PM

Storm it did rage on the coastal shore
Winds blew so strong then the floods came on
People cried what took so long for hell - to come along

Answers came cheap at the break of dawn
Sound bites playin' on and on and on
They told us Thursday they would come
They told us Friday they would come
Saturday came and still the dying lived on

The missing ones were lost, not to be found
They paid the cost, you let them down
Well we said what can we do just to make - it up to you

Oh you can try to make this up to me
All I have is lost, not much to see
They told me Thursday they would come
They told me Friday they would come
Saturday's here and I'm trying find my home
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Oh the time is here, time to find my home

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It's about Katrina | Reviewer: Tard | 2/21/14

In concert she said this was written about the New Orleans Katrina disaster.
She was 14 at the time and is clearly a major talent in her field.
Kudos for taking profits of her first successes and graduating from a 4-year music academy using the money, I have only positive things to say about her and her music.

The emotion of this song is raw and powerful, I can listen to it several times a day,
However, her youth and relative inexperience is reflected in the overall tone, which was clearly molded by the media coverage drumbeat of 'Bush didn't care' and 'The rescue was botched'.