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George Jones Brothers Of A Bottle Lyrics

Last updated: 04/13/2010 12:00:00 PM

Bartender,come over here.
I want to buy the next round of beer.
Boys,name your poison,don't nobody pass-
We're all brothers of a bottle an' glass.

The happiest moment,that I've ever known.
Was the day,that she told me,she would be my own.
But the bluest moment,that ever could be.
When she said,she loved someone much better,than me.


Well,I once had a buddy,as fine as could be.
We trusted each other completely,you see.
Well,then I betrayed him,just like any wretch
No one,but a woman could make you do that.


When God made man,I guess this made him sad.
For now they're all good and none are all bad.
Then he made woman to cheat and deceive.
There's been hell ever since,the snake tempted Eve.


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