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Dark New Day Brother Lyrics

Last updated: 09/26/2005 12:00:00 PM

[Verse 1]:
Once upon a time I knew everything
When I stop to think back on everything
It all runs away like a memory (like a memory)
Once there was a picture of a happy place
But I always keep thinking.......
What a great place to leave (What a great place to leave)

I'd trade it all
(To have you all here with me)

Father when you coming by?
Mother leave the light on again.
Sister with someone somewhere somewhere
Brother Brother Brother

[Verse 2]:
Trailer park heaven was a dream to me
Cause we had it figured out
Simple and not jaded
There was a promise of a brighter day
But soon it would all fade out



When it's something we love that keeps us away,
Well it costs even more and its so much to pay.....
(to have you all here with me)


Brother Brother Brother
Brother Brother Brother

Thanks to AKA Swayz for submitting Brother Lyrics.