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There are bridges on life's highway
But we never see them there.
Some cross troubled waters
Some don't go nowhere.
Some you wouldn't step on,
If you were trying to save your soul.
One comes with a keeper
When it's time to pay the toll.
Some aren't meant to last forever
Some are made of stone.
Some are meant to cross together,
Some you go alone.
Some the slightest wind can send them,
Crashing to the ground.
I set a bridge on fire,
But I could not burn it down.

Now here I am(ooohh)
Prayin for forgiveness
And I can see you(And I can see you)
Standing on the other side(oohh)
Here I go (Here I go)
And Baby it's a heavy load (It's a heavy load)
I have crossed some broken bridges in my time
(Broken bridges in my time)

Now here I am (Now here I am)
Prayin for forgiveness (Prayin for forgiveness)
And I can see you (oh I can see you)
Standing on the other side
(Standing on the other side)
Here I go (Now, here I go)
And Buddy it's a heavy load (Baby it's a heavy load)
But I have crossed some broken bridges in my time
(crossed some broken bridges in my time)
Yes, I have crossed some broken bridges in my time.

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Life has it's "Broken Bridges" | Reviewer: Becky | 5/27/12

I am 48 years old, reborn again Christian Woman! This song has touch my life in more ways than I can put down on paper or here on the internet. I sang this song with my husband as a duet at our church.... we recieved tears of joy and sorrow... but most with left an impression on them without words to express themselves. I want to thank Toby Keith for writing such wonderful songs such as this one. GOD BLESS YOU TOBY KEITH AND ALL THAT WORK WITH HIM... and our Military... Happy Memorial Day! God Bless!

so good ! | Reviewer: granny | 4/5/10

this is one of the best!I watch this movie every time it comes on. the music is the greatest !THIS IS A FAMILY MOVIE THAT EVERY FAMILY SHOULD WATCH TOGETHER !I thank god for this movie &music! I just wish that i could have had that chance in life. But i thank god for what i do have!this should be rated 100% !

beautifulll | Reviewer: v.l.aineh | 5/8/09

the lyrics,the vocals evrything's beautiful,touching,emotional......yes,every1 seems to cross some broken bridges in our time...sometimes our bridges were burnt...this song really touch my heart......

very touching | Reviewer: tannia | 4/15/09

i absolutely love this song. it speaks to me on so many different speaks to everyone. whether you have lost someone, get your heart broken or are jsut going through a whole lot of drama you can relate to this song. this song helped me get through alot of tough times and i am greatful to the artists who put there heart and soul into their music. especially toby keith all of his music is amazing and i hope he never stops writing and singing.god bless.

AMAZING | Reviewer: cedes | 2/12/09

when i hear the beautiful harmony of lindsey and toby togeather it makes me believe that there is hope for my future. i think this is the most beautiful song he has ever done and i think the movie is awsome too! but i love the song.

I can really relate to it being what has happended this last year(2008)which was alot of drama and tears and hurt feelings.

Thank you this is the best song.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Rachel | 8/15/08

I'm only 12 years old, but I've been through a lot already. I've seen bitter divorces, the death of loved ones (6 parents in one year at our school, plus at least 3 high-schoolers), troubled teens trying to make a new life, and just so much more. You just can't ever take life forgranted. Live life the way you wish you could, and you'll look back and love it. It's just...I don't know how to explain it. I've crossed a lot of bridges in my short time. I've lost all my friends, only to find new ones that love me even more. I've faced heartache from a guy I really liked. I went through a stage where I had no one, and I wanted to kill myself. But I crossed the bridges, and now I don't think life could ever be sweeter. And I look back, and I wonder how that girl who hated herself and had no one, I wonder how that girl could be me. And I'm just so thankful that I am changed. I give this a 110/100. And I think that if you put in the effort, you can cross any bridge at all, and look back a realize that it was a lot sturdier than you thought at the time. My theme song is this. Thanks Toby!

life is so easily taken for granted | Reviewer: Christina | 1/17/08

This song speaks to a lot of people. They can relate to it. No ones life is going to be easy. And everyone's bridge is different from the person next to you. And we like to have songs that we can relate to. I makes us feel human. And it also explains that even celbs. make mistakes. And if we just ask god to forive us and realize what we're given we could make this economy a better one. If you just take two steps back and look around at what you've been given, you'll be in total awe and realize we take life for granted. There's a reason why we wake up the next day, and life continues for us whereas some people don't get that. And I'm glad to be given another day. It allows me to go back and correct the wrong I've done the day before. And if most people could see it this way, we'd all be a bit more happy and try it. Just take 2 steps back and look at what wonderful things you've been blessed with. And on 1/04/08 my ex came over, and he had saw me earlier that day and asked me what I was looking at and I responded at the beautiful day, he responded but the sun isn't even shining. I said the sun doesn't have to shine for it to be a beautiful day, just to know that I'm alive and I've been given another day is just enough to make it beautiful. And I'm going to just leave it at that. So peace out...

Very Touching | Reviewer: Chris | 8/19/07

Some people have gone through more than other but i believe that this song is for the ones that have been through it all.... My life hasn't been the easiest and this song explains to me that there is more to life than expected... I have bought this soundtrack 3 times because the cd stopped working bc i listened to it so much... I want everyone to know there is a spot for you in this world and i hope u find it.. I m 19 and i havent found it yet but i know i will from what i hear in this song... Thank you Toby Keith and Lindsey Haun.

Greatest song ever | Reviewer: Lynda | 8/5/07

This explains a lot of things in people's lives. This song is not only sung by great people but it means a lot to me because of the struggles in MY life! I hope everyone enjoys this song not only because of who sings it or how it's sung but by the message! This is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard!

the song Broken bridges | Reviewer: Lizzie | 7/25/07

I think they performed it perfect and i want to sing this song for my solo and enssambel so bad.

Broken Bridges | Reviewer: Amelia | 7/24/07

I compare this song to fighting cancer. My uncle just dies of cancer and just before he died everybody said I forgive you. so i mean this song can be compared to death and the new life ahead that you want in heaven to look after your loved ones.

great song | Reviewer: Kim | 7/13/07

Lindsay's voice is so beautiful in this song
i love this song its very well don't
Toby sounds good as well...5stars

life illusion | Reviewer: Amber | 5/14/07

I have gone threw alot of hard times threw my thirteen if a half years and i hear this song on my Broken Bridges DVD and it reminded me of all the broken bridges that i've crossed. this song should be a ten star!

broken bridges | Reviewer: Kristen | 5/12/07

This song is the best song ever, when i listen to it i listen to it over and over and the more i listen to it i cry because it makes me think of everything i have been through and all the losses in my family and all the great times i have had with my family that has passed and the bad ones too. but i deffinetly give this song like 15 stars!

broken bridges | Reviewer: ashley | 4/22/07

when i hear the beautiful harmony of lindsey and toby togeather it makes me believe that there is hope for my future. i think this is the most beautiful song he has ever done and i think the movie is awsome too! but i love the song.

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