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The theory goes that this sort of document is meant to
explain, to shine light in murky corners, to make things
easier. But really, to go too deep would be to rip away the
essence of the band. Broadcast are Trish Keenan (vocals),
Roj Stevens (keyboards), James Cargill (bass), Tim Felton
(guitar), Keith York and Steve Perkins (drums). 'The Noise
Made By People' is their debut album proper, will be
released in March 2000, and reveals its depths slowly and
enigmatically. There are, as one song would have it,
"foreboding phrases", More...

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Wonderful song- used in L-Word - a must see | Reviewer: RPM17
    ------ About the song Before We Begin performed by Broadcast

One episode in Season 4 of Showtime's The L-Word uses this song in an extended music-video style scene with Shane and new girlfriend in a time-warp style edit, which has you wondering what the scene segment order is, and whose head you are in for the fantasy portions. (Awesome Retro-50's atmosphere achieved with costume and props which SO goes with the sound and mood of this piece - brillant.)

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