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S Club 7 Bring The House Down Lyrics

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As the night draws in,
Let the game begin (It's a groove thing).
Let your feet decide,
Gonna catch a ride (Keep on moving).
So let's go away,
The mood can't be that hard to reach,
The night will just take us there.

Bridge: And all you gotta do is,
All you gotta do is...

Chorus: Bring the house down!
Raise the roof and get on the floor,
(House down, raise the roof, get on the floor).
Let's bring the house down,
Really want to hear you shouting more, more, more.
(Really want to hear some more)

You can stay in bed,
With a sleepy head (Doing nothing).
You can always try,
Just to walk on by (It will pull you in).
We're flying away,
We fall into this fantasy
Where the groove will carry us on.


Everybody do your thing,
Let's bring the house down.
Everybody spread your wings,
Let's bring the house down.

So let's go away,
The mood can't be that hard to reach,
The night will just take us there.


Chorus to end

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what i says that is a small part of my heart is tell | Reviewer: biswajit roy | 8/19/2005

my name is biswajit roy one day i am bored and always get some difficulties for my life and luck when i can know s club 7 is on when first time i hear jo voice then i had faced good times of my life and i can see later acts but mostly now missed jo voice no a long time i can hear it what i do i had no money to relaunch it my heart is waiting for hear jo and s club 7 voice what i do i can hear and see one time live to they what i do that is request to world make a s club 7 save cause aid and every world people should contribute some money to relaunch them again that is relaunch in valentines day and winter and christmas also so a request to a boy to world please contribute some money that a heart is request to all heart of world can you help a small bulking heart that is test of world heart that result proven if they relaunch if we fail is fail heart and go also because music is another name of god and we hear michael jackson more but please every people of world make a fund to help them again to relaunch agin

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