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Bring Me the Horizon (or BMTH as often referred to) is a
deathcore band from Sheffield, Yorkshire. The band formed
in the year 2004 from members of other bands within their
local area.[1] They have incorporated elements of death
metal and metalcore in their music, resulting in their
genre best being described as deathcore into their sound on
their debut album "Count Your Blessings" which was released
October 30th 2006.

They are currently signed to the label Visible Noise
Records, but were originally signed to the record label
Thirty More...

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Review about Bring Me The Horizon songs
oli sykes | Reviewer: gabby perry
    ------ About the song Shadow Moses performed by Bring Me The Horizon

oh my god!!! Oli is so hot,plus he writes great songs that really get to you and always gets stuck in your head and you wanna keep it there.He is one of my favorite performers.

Awesome! | Reviewer: Spirit Hunter
    ------ About the song Join The Club performed by Bring Me The Horizon

This song is absolutely perfect. "You're scared, I can see you tremble, shaking like a dog, shitting razorblades. Well join the club, yeah join the club!" is definitely the most popular part, and seemingly the most gruesome. <3 Bring Me The Horizon!

Oliver Sykes is beautiful | Reviewer: Lauren Nesser
    ------ About the song Shadow Moses performed by Bring Me The Horizon

One of the most beautiful songs to ever be composed by Oliver Sykes. The tune is subtle to begin with, and his voice arouses definite emotion. A song I would wholeheartedly recommend.

love this song xD | Reviewer: Shaddow "Smau5" Moore
    ------ About the song Can You Feel My Heart performed by Bring Me The Horizon

this is my absolute fuckin favorite song ever!! it perfectly describes how I am and how I feel day by day as life brings me down. songs like this help me cope cuz its good 2 know that others know wat its like 2 be different. thanx bmth u guys=s fuckin rock!! xD

You said I don't want to watch you destroy yourself. So I moved the fuck out. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hospitals For Souls performed by Bring Me The Horizon

This song just makes me feel so happy and yet so sad. Memories flood my mind as I listen to the lyrics. Bring Me The Horizon has yet again made another masterpiece.

This is NOT Bring Me The Horizon, the real artist is Glory Of This | Reviewer: Nick Everingham
    ------ About the song The Fear That Gave Me Wings performed by Bring Me The Horizon

Some person who did not do a full check up of the song, labelled this as Bring Me The Horizon, 3 ways you can tell its not is, #1, it was on "This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For" apparently, well I think thats highly unlikely, listen to the actual album and think hard on if it is really on there, #2 check Wikipedia, it wan't on the tracklisting for any album and never released from the actual band, #3 youtube, other sites like lyric sites and on the actual bands Wikipedia page will tell you that it wasn't them, its like how Bring Me The Horizon also recieves credit for "Second Heartbeat" when any A7X fan will confirm along with the band that avenged sevenfold wrote the song, Bring Me The Horizon has only ever covered one song, Eyeless by Slipknot.

Anonymous | Reviewer: Grave
    ------ About the song Diamonds Aren't Forever performed by Bring Me The Horizon

What's the problem ? The song is good, maybe the song have wrong grammar and not good to you to hear but this song gives great instrumentals, vocals and also effort to finish. So please just respect the song and the band. Haters gonna hate ! Dont judge and say fucking, stupid comments ! Just listen to real rock !

Bmth review | Reviewer: Sabrina
    ------ About the song (I Used To Make Out With) Medusa performed by Bring Me The Horizon

Bring me the horizon is the only band I've ever confined myself too I love them with all my heart, soul and life they have inspirational songs and meanings that take it too a different world this song is my fav because of the hatred in it and that's what makes them great they don't give a fuck !!!!!!!! They don't care what people think about them. I will always love them forever bmth 4ever

27.5.12 | Reviewer: Abbiiee cadabbiiee
    ------ About the song Visions performed by Bring Me The Horizon

Wow , when you think about it this song is actually really sad, all the guy wants to do is get away from the war to see the one he loves... Life back then in the war was awful and the living conditions of the trenches really were awful, this is a great song and i didn't understand it at all but the i learnt about the war and now i get it ...
Well done olie and the rest of bring me the horizon :3 ex oh ex oh

Awesome! :) | Reviewer: Farrah-Leigh
    ------ About the song Diamonds Aren't Forever performed by Bring Me The Horizon

I LOVE this song. This is the first BMTH song I ever heard, and after the third 'we will never sleep' I downloaded it. Yeah, the lyrics are repetitive, but that's the way most songs are these days. build a fucking bridge and get over it *cough cough* Endrey *cough cough*

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