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Once tagged "rock's boy genius" by the music press, Conor
Oberst turned 27 on February 15th and even without that in
mind it's hard to listen to Cassadaga without hearing a
newfound sophistication to the Bright Eyes sound. Producer,
multi-instrumentalist and permanent band member Mike Mogis
has crafted a swirling, euphonious record, at times
bursting with bombastic confidence and country swagger, and
at others loose-limbed and mesmeric. Trumpet and piano
player Nate Walcott, a Bright Eyes player since 2003 and
now the third permanent More...

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Review about Bright Eyes songs
You can't interpret the meaning of a song without looking at his other ones. | Reviewer: riley
    ------ About the song If Winter Ends performed by Bright Eyes

normally songs are difficult to interpret, and I suppose I could have this one wrong- but I'm pretty sure he's discussing Depression- it's speculation personally I think he's discussing the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder + Seasonal Affective disorder, he speaks of his mood changes, and his behaviour is more consistent with BPD than Manic-depressive or depressive. I think its about hitting rock bottom, that point when you can't keep hiding it from everyone and then people start asking questions, and continually ask why you are sad. A new arrangement, lover I don't have to love, a line allows progress a circle does not, Lua, a fever..., hit the switch, vanishing act, if the brakeman turns my way, I've been eating for you... etc describe the DSM criteria for Borderline personality disorder. So I think just like when I write, he writes to get his emotions on a page, to put them somewhere they can kinda appear real- because borderlines have to basically start over each day and generally like things that help string the days together and established some continuity. They love intensely, are promiscuous, use substances, live like a gypsy, etc which describes connor pretty well. I think he became so aware of the dark alleyways in this world and the minds of himsel and others- that he figured that continuity could only be found in music. Something to hold onto when someone you care about leaves and a legacy. I don't think connor ever had a "problem" with drugs, and I say that meaning I think his drug use was compulsive rather than addictive so he'd binge and then not use, or use something else. Meth also seems unlikely- as he makes it clear he likes Downers (A line allows progress) to slow his brain down.He has very black and white thinking and has developed apathy after multiple failed attempts to control his depression. He's just singing about trying to survive, the pain and the beauty that only some of us can recognize inside his lyrics. I don't think he sings/writes for any reason other than to release his emotions, and to try and make some people feel a little less alone in the process. that's what seperates him from most. I normally wouldn't interpret lyrics to this extent but his music flows song to song, cd to cd. There are references- it's a puzzle you can figure out if you know all of his music.And the borderline connections pretty strong as well. there's a lot of bpd sufferers like me who love his music because most music feels so manufactured and connor's is the exact opposite. It's also plausible He has mild Autism (formerly aspergers) as the symptoms are almost identical to BPD.

"though I know that my actions are impossible to justify
they seem adequate to fill up my time.
But if I could talk to myself
like I was someone else,
well then maybe I could take your advice,"

Go read the chorus for rise against "voices off camera". It's pretty much sums connor (or at least young connor) up. There's only one a few things that cause that huge empty spot inside of us. It's hard to establish an identity when everything's temporary.

Perfect. | Reviewer: Andy
    ------ About the song No Lies, Just Love performed by Bright Eyes

There is nothing that can be added to this really. I have never thought of committing suicide or known anyone who has. Never the less, this is a perfect composition of words and melody that create a haunting, yet, beautiful song. Fantastic writing, tear jerking.

the lords prayer | Reviewer: diana ana
    ------ About the song You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will performed by Bright Eyes

our father wich art in heaven hallowed be thy name. thy kingdom come thy will be done in earth as it is is in heaven.give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our debts as we forgive our deptors.and lead us not in to temption. but deliver us from evil . for thine is the kingdom, and the power and glory forever. amen

love this song | Reviewer: yeah
    ------ About the song Jetsabel Removes The Undesireables performed by Bright Eyes

I think this song is about two imaginary girls that Conor uses as a metaphor for his attempts at being contempt. (jetsable) is conor's attempt at solving his problems with art, and feelings, (arienette) is what Conor strives to get cleansed of but can't seem to be able to get close. He might of had some inspiration from Jacobs ladder and poems but their not directly what the song is about, c'mon people.

chelsea | Reviewer: chelsea
    ------ About the song We Are Nowhere And It's Now performed by Bright Eyes

II'm pretty sure laura is his yellow bird... and that's her talking.. probably in his head the waitrss is some random girl he's just looking at in all of his songs he mentions being with some one while thinking about someone else most like laura..

I have some | Reviewer: FeversMirrors
    ------ About the song Hit The Switch performed by Bright Eyes

I think after the line 'For two nightmares of mine' it should be:
'I have some where I die'
'I have some where we all die'
because he's (or from the perspective of the song: she's) talking about some of her dreams.

Stuck | Reviewer: Josette
    ------ About the song I Must Belong Somewhere performed by Bright Eyes

I imagine the speaker to be in a loveless lifeless point in life, using fate to justify why his life is in a rut. He feels much better about his situation by saying that's where he ultimately belongs. He uses some examples that help his point that an external locus of control is a good thing. However, some fallacies in his logic slip in. He ignores those though. Some things need to be moved or move on, but it's easier to say they belong there instead of making an effort to create change.

<3 | Reviewer: Asi
    ------ About the song Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh performed by Bright Eyes

This was the first Bright Eyes song I'd heard way back when on Fevers & Mirrors; my partner Joseph had introduced me to them.. with that I fell head over heels for the band and Conor Oberst's music in general.
I listen to it now and there is still no lack of chills up my spine. For every word of Bright Eyes that's got me through some dark, shitty times in my life, I owe it to Haligh for opening up those many doors of healing.

Wonderful. | Reviewer: Sad
    ------ About the song Messenger Bird's Song performed by Bright Eyes

This song gave me so many nostalgic and unexplainable feelings and I could feel it arise in my throat from my heart and my eyes looked down as I swayed to this soft, powerful song

WTFE | Reviewer: David
    ------ About the song Lua performed by Bright Eyes

This song is about whatever you want it or need it to be about. Like all music it elicits an emotional response that is typically tied to a personal experience or just the simple ability to relate to the emotions of someone else.

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