Bridgit Mendler Lyrics

Full Name: Bridgit Claire Mendler

Date and location of Birth: December 18, 1992 in
Washington, D.C

Career: Bridgit moved to the West coast of the USA when she
was around 10 years old, and got an agent at 11 years old
in San Francisco. It wasn’t until she was 13 that she would
move into the Los Angeles/Hollywood film industry, the area
she still works in to this day. Before she moved to the
West coast, she expressed very little interest in acting at

Her first major role was a minor one in General Hospital, a
soap-opera. Since More...

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Review about Bridgit Mendler songs
Best Song | Reviewer: Olivia Tymeley
    ------ About the song Hang In There, Baby performed by Bridgit Mendler

I always watch Good luck Charlie because it is a very good show but this is like my 100th time watching THE FULL SONG I watched because I so could not remember the lyrics.I'm also a big fan of Girl Meets World I like what Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter wrote Take on the world....... Take on the world,
Take on the world,Take on the world,Take on the world,T-T-Take on the world!!!!!!

Sing my song for you | Reviewer: Lollipop lover
    ------ About the song My Song For You performed by Bridgit Mendler

I 💜 this sing it is the best song I have ever heard I am gonna sing for my class in school in Tuesday because I think it is so good. It is so much bet than Demi and joes version.

Mistake | Reviewer: Mika
    ------ About the song Love Will Tell Us Where To Go performed by Bridgit Mendler

In what I think is the second verse, I'm not knowledgable about these things, I believe you made a mistake in the lyrics. Instead of "mood" and "tides" I believe it is "moon" and "tides", like how the moon supposedly controls the tides.

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