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Full Name: Bridgit Claire Mendler

Date and location of Birth: December 18, 1992 in Washington, D.C

Career: Bridgit moved to the West coast of the USA when she was around 10 years old, and got an agent at 11 years old in San Francisco. It wasn’t until she was 13 that she would move into the Los Angeles/Hollywood film industry, the area she still works in to this day. Before she moved to the West coast, she expressed very little interest in acting at all.

Her first major role was a minor one in General Hospital, a soap-opera. Since then she has performed in a number of acting positions and is now represented by the well-known Gersh Agency.

It was really when she was 16 years old that things really started to take off for Bridgit. Landing a contract with Disney to star in a series premier of the Jonas Brothers show, J.O.N.A.S., where she appeared singing with Nick Jonas and playing guitar alongside him. She also co-starred with Lindsay Lohan in Labor Pains and played Kirsten Gregory in The Clique, also released in 2008.

Despite these inroads in to movies, her relationship with Disney was not even close to being finished, and she soon after starred in four episodes in the hit Disney show, Wizards of Waverly Place. Bridgit’s time at Disney is just beginning, we are now awaiting the brand new Disney show, Good Luck Charlie, with Bridgit Mendler as the star.

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Love You So Muccchh! | Reviewer: Renna | 7/26/14

OMG,Bridgit Ilove You so Much.Every day,Ihear your Song.It's so Amazing and fabulous!i cannot wait you to go here,Indonesia!Please could you go here to sing with us(your fans).I love you so much!!!WYATB,Bridgit!!!<3

Please Come to dubai ❤️❤️❤️ | Reviewer: Shivani | 7/14/14

Hi Bridgit, I am your number 1 biggest fan

Every day I would listen to about 5 songs of yours so please come to dubai. There are lots of fans in Dubai
Plus u would love it , it has 59 world record tallest build ,world ginnest aquarium and which I think you would love is the worlds largest mall/ shopping centre

You are the best so please come to dubai ASAP

Yours sinserly shivani

Mendie Forever. | Reviewer: Kyra Fermin | 7/7/14

Hi Bridgit! I hope you will get the chance to read this, i love you so much. PLEASE DO A CONCERT HERE at Philippines!. again i love you so much, i like your songs too especially ready or not and hurricane. Pls Follow me @kyramendler, thank you so much!. i want to see you in person and oh i love your movies.


Love KYRA <3

Hi ;) Bridgit | Reviewer: Mysterysmile | 1/18/14

Heyyyyyy..... I always liked you and i listen to your songs and yea they are inspiaring sorry for any english mistakes 'cause im not from america or england. I just wanted to let you know that you're awesome and keep being more awesome and amaing
Ps. Your show makes me smile and my fav song is hurricane

your songs | Reviewer: Elizabeth Cruz | 12/16/13

Omg!!!!! I just looooove your music! I know almost every song on the album hello my name is by heart! Plzzzzzz come to Racine, Wisconsin sometime soon! #BRIDGIT MENDLER ROCKS :-)

The best | Reviewer: Amilia | 12/16/13

Hi Bridgit I hope you will get the chance to read this but I think your really inspiring and your one of the best actrice that I've seen. I wish that I could go to one of your next concert. Btw I LOVE your song with Shane Harper; My song for you.

I love you Bridgit <3 <3 <3

Ur the best!!! | Reviewer: Izzy Marie Veien | 10/25/13

Omg, u are like the best singer ever! I watch the show good luck Charlie every chance I get it is the best show ever!!!! I ADORE you soooooooooo much please preform in my state at shorewood MN I'm ur #1 FAN!!!!!! I had a dream about u the other night and it was my favorite dream ever! <3:D

You are amazing | Reviewer: Charlie carrington | 7/29/13

Hi briget yo are amazing I watch your show everyday you are always a prefect actress on good luck Charlie my mum also watches it with me she like's Amy because likes the way she acts and the way she says babam she thinks she is so funny I really like you and I really hope I get to meet you because I want to know what it's like to be a singer because after I watch your show good luck Charlie I go upstairs in my room and put ready or not song on and sing along to it x iam 11 years old x I even wright my own songs on my computer. And then I p
Qy the songs on my guitar hope you liked what I put .

dear bridgit mendler\13.7.13\ | Reviewer: Emilia | 7/13/13

Dear Bridgit Mendler, im a massive fan, id do anthing to meet you and i love all ur songs when u do pne again like ready or not or rocks at my window or hurricane i aways dance and sing to ur songs
love u , ur biggest fan,
:) :)

songs | Reviewer: Rabeya Chowdhury | 6/24/13

dear bridget i love your song and everything the one reason i admire you is because you make appropiate songs that even babys like hearing it so one day i was playing one of your songs called ready or not and guess what the baby started dancing to it . it was really cute you make the most best songs ever i am your NUMBER 1 FAN once again i love your songs espicially like beatiful,ready or not, and hurricane there my favorit try to make your concerts in lansdale pennsylvania thats where i live please try to go to the school knapp elementry school for like a tour please please please come and if you dont i will keep asking you to just please come and say hi to charlie for me she is adorable so is toby and tell gabe to get rid of his attidude and tell pj to get a brain and if he doesnt tell i well poke his head till he gets one ha ha ha

DOUBLE COINSIDENCE BRIGITTE | Reviewer: sudney clair hudson | 6/8/13

DEAR BRIGITTE,it is a coinsidence that we have the same name clair. because destiny thinks that we have the same exitments for musique,danse and commedy.i like the movie lemonade mouth,good luck charlie it's so amazing.i am also inspired by your songs espacially ready or not it's my favourite.i have an advice for you because i love you so much and want the best for you,always follow your dream and do what U want, don't try to resemble some one else.i leave in cameroun and i will really like to see you make a concert in my place i will be the first person to buy a ticket for the entrance of your concert.I lu uuuuuuuuuuv you.12 years old.

Like I love briggit mendler | Reviewer: Keeara Floyd | 5/22/13

Omg I love u brigget mendler you the best singer I know well second but I will do eny thing to get tickets to a consent and back stage passes I lovey love love love love u so much :) :) ;)

Inspiration | Reviewer: Destiny | 5/12/13

Hi, I'm Destiny I'm 12 years old and I am starting to like boys. Your songs inspired me to talk to him and it turned out he liked me to. I also do lots of sports and people said I couldn't do it. When I listened to your song postcard it inspired me to tell them that even though I was a girl That I could do it. Well it turned out I got first in cross country and in track and fiend. I do the 800 meter, 100meter, 200 meter 1600 meter, 3200 meter and hurdles. I also love your song Quicksand. All your songs speak to how I feel. Thank you for that and don't stop making songs please. Oh and please come to Victorville, California or Phelan, California to do a concert. Just know though that you inspire millions, me. If you ever think your alone know that you at least have one person standing with you.

Sincerely, Destiny Guerra

Bridget Lover girl | Reviewer: Hallie | 4/27/13

I love your music and your acting and pretty much everything about you!
I love you so much that I have a journal that has pretty much everything about you.
Please come to Houston TX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am just DIEING to see you!
I love all of your songs but I think Blonde is the best.
PLEASE COME TO HOUSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your #1 fan Hallie aka Bridget freak

Message | Reviewer: none | 4/11/13

Bridget Hi i love to watch you on good luck charlie im 11 and i realy like the way you do your hair and you inspired me i want to be a singer to i wish i could meat you some day!

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