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Redman Bridging The Gap (Freestyle) Lyrics

Last updated: 08/22/2012 07:45:34 AM

Yo, hey, turn the lights on
While the blow bite your ear like Tyson
Think I ain’t running snap like Nikon
That’s like seeing little wayne in the sion
Nigga, redman is a movie, I spit in the air, catch my own loogie
Hot like juvi, boss it, 48 hours, the sour roll at Nick Nolte
Don’t drink coffee, I’m gased already
The good die young so the bad guy ready
Pump Machiavelli in the car until my girl get in
Her pain in the ass went debarge
I’m a big star, and it ain’t no question
I’m hellboy mixed with elroy jetson
Pull out the tec and still
Recognize the shinning, you blind behind the wheel
It’s so unreal, how the hoes all on him
Cause erywhere I go, it’s a Kodak moment, Jeez
Picture that boy in a lamb and a blunt filled with 3 instagrams killer
Same nigga, same hood, same number
Cocky veteran, with a 2 chain hunger
Call me batman, the mike’s boy wonder
Tripping off the callie ganja, we on it.

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