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I Bridges Of Fire Lyrics

Last updated: 05/21/2007 12:00:00 PM

Cross the woods of no return, embrace the flames awaiting me
Cross the bridge where fires burn, eternal deeps toward the pass
I´m beyond the darkness gates, emerged into the shades

Searching for the wisdom of the ages
Crossing the bridges...

Woods of passage to the north, clouds divide an endless wind
Mountains here in fog they lay, swept by mist all night and day
All majestic, all divine, shields of wind and light
Locked beyond the shadowed paths, under heavy skies

Searching for the wisdom of the ages
Feel the flame within my soul
Crossing the bridges of fire

Passing the bridges to the rivers of red
Souls on fire, head by head
Passing the gates to the infernal sky
Knowing the wisdom of all dark and light

Across the woods of no return
Embrace the flames awating me
Across the bridge where fires burn
Eternal deeps toward the pass

Searching for the wisdom of the ages
Suffering through all the years
Crossing the bridges of fire

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